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Adventure Progress

Abandoned Bastion

Arena Record

0W - 0L

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Most Used Heroes

  • 1. Ren
  • 2. Leah
  • 3. Milla
  • 4. Charlotte
    1. [11/1] Developer Update : A brief update from the team

      Apologizing isn't enough to fix the error you've made. In few minutes after 1.4 got released I couldn't resume my game on emulator anymore. My gameplay experience dropped drastically after the choice you've made. It's not fun anymore to play. I'm forced to play on minimum graphics, constant freezes and bugs. This game was, for me, much more enjoyable on emulator. I could compete properly everywhere. Nowadays I barely log, most of my friends had quit, half or my friendslist went on hiatus. This patch was the most disastrous ever released and I'm sure you've noticed the impact it had on playerbase. I'm sorry for these cold words. Truth has to be spoken and written. If you do not plan to fix it, then only few certain players will play it. Do not forget not everyone lives in America able to afford an iPhone XI or an Asus Rog Phone. If it wasn't for few friends asking me to stay, I would leave right away. Yet I barely care to be honest. Just normal farming and logout. It's so sad to see such good game & content going to the deep of the sea...
    2. Feedback on recent update

      I share the same opinion as you. I cannot enjoy the game anymore as I used to do when playing on BlueStacks. My phone isnt the best to play Aion Legions yet I'm forced to play it on the lowest options available and frequent freezes/delays. Im considering to quit since I do not enjoy playing it like this , and I refuse to buy a new phone just for Aion Legions. It is not competitive anymore without Bluestacks. #BringBackBlueStacks
    3. Ask The Developers Question Thread!

      Hey Aion Team & Community, As for now, I would like to suggest the "Continuous Battle" option to be implemented on Tower of Transcendence, it would be much better and more intuitive. I would like to suggest the option to "Lock" equipment gear, so it won't be "automatically-sold" in bundles. (As seen with Heroes, where you can lock those you do not want to use as food).

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