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    1. Weekly player report 9/3/19

      Dear Dev Team , *Weekly player report.* I hope this letter finds you well rested and in good spirits from your well deserved holiday weekend. As you know there was a recent mini exodus from the community server. These have been trying times and it has been difficult to obtain player feedback in some cases. Those of us remaining have identified some key issues that we would like to bring to your attention. 1. We understand that the new and "improved" heroic enchantment system was put in place to make enchanting heroics easier and to give us something to do with our overflow of lower tier heroics. However as we have previously noted this new system has had the extreme opposite effect. The success rates of +1-+5 seem to have been inexplicably reduced to insignificant levels. This has led to a massive loss of resources and player frustration throughout the community. In fact the majority of us feel that the old system of "pay gems and you 100% get your enchantment" was far superior. This is an issue that needs to be revisited and addressed. 2. Keeping in line with heroic drop rates, many players are reporting significantly decreased drop rates in both Adventure and Expeditions. This combined with the persistent auto intrusion bug that we have previously discussed has caused a significant decrease of these character specific heroics. 3. The new rift event is actually great. It made many guilds attempt rift stages they may not have previously considered. (congrats to us for passing stage four). The biggest issue here is that there was not enough character revives available at reasonable prices to enable players to continue pushing. We understand that this is completely new event and should be open to tuning in the future. 4. The current res and revive interactions and lack of counters have made the arena and dull and dismal place. The planned changes to Lemay and Asylla are a great start to brining in more diversity to the arena, however overall the lack of working counters (Codelia, Adriel) to resurrections and revives have made a certain extremely small percentage of characters and necessity to compete. Thank you for your kind attention. We look forward to the next dev report.
    2. Another Apollo Counter Ruined

      Prior to the last maintenance Furvus DP skill Execution of Pain would 100% kill Apollo EVERY time. Execution + Removes all special enhance effcts should = a dead target no matter what. Since the last maintenance this is no longer the case and "IMMUNE" pops up when the skill is used. Now there is ZERO working counters to Apollo.
    3. Mez Changes First Look (Feedback Wanted!)

      Disregard the part where I stated that Furvus DP skill is the only 100% working counter. I see you've already behind the scenes fixed that unannounced.
    4. Energy

      More and more people quitting every day who want to play but can't because...No Energy...
    5. Mez Changes First Look (Feedback Wanted!)

      So a few issues that I see with a change to MEZ. First there are currently 8 different MEZ effects. Each healer can in most cases only remove two of these 8. The number of mez effects a healer can cleanse should be increased. This should especially be true for the high end healers like Myria and Charlotte. Does this mean "MEZ" removal will be all encompassing...or will it continue to be specific removal per character. No one is voluntarily bringing fire Charlotte to an arena fight. Some of the "After Improvement" are a bit redundant. Too similar with only minor differences to SP recovery and damage taken. There may initially be some experimenting at the lower tiers of PvP with certain characters who inflict MEZ, but ultimately until Apollo or his counters are fixed it won't really matter. Apollo is the real problem with the arena with the only 100% working counter being Furvus DP skill. Finally at the higher end of the arena because I assume MEZ is based on accuracy...the effects rarely if ever land...the current meta is reliant on passive skills such as SP denial, Evasion, and double Apollo immortality. Reworking MEZ effects should be a very low priority given all the other current issues with the game. (No energy, misleading codex, guild dungeon bug, broken profile pics.) ARE YOU HAPPY NOW @NC_Ocho
    6. Suggestion

      The last interactive livestream on Twitch was informative and gave hope...then they did completely the opposite of what everyone was asking for in the last two updates. Shame.
    7. Avarus Corridor Bug

      The Light Avarus hero corridor is currently bugged where the reward for friends completing the corridor is paid out incorrectly in the form of 2* Kiki shards instead of 3* Avarus shards. A minor bug is still a bug.
    8. Skill imp or wings

      Skill imps > 4* blue wings.
    9. Secret Shop Change

      Make Energy Cheap Again! #MECA
    10. Awful Event Rewards

      C'mon guys you can do better than this. It's ridiculous that we as a guild work very hard and spam so much energy to finish in first place only to be handed some terrible useless rewards for the effort.

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