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    1. Coronavirus & Production Update

      Hey @NC_Kibbelz Thanks for the update. This is completely understandable and I hope things will turn out okay for everyone involved.
    2. Don't worry, you'll defintiely get lucky :3
    3. Hello there, I understand your frustration, especially as far as pulling heroes from confinites but you have to understand that the rates for 4 and 5 stars are actually and understandably low: Rare is supposed to be rare and stockpiling confinites or opening them in batches of 10 won't affect your chances to pull better heroes. You're playing a game based on luck: a 10% chance doesn't mean "I'll have 1 if I open 10", it means "if I keep opening, my chances will be around 1 in 10" so I highly advise you not to have expectations ; expectations are the enemy. Don't fall for the urge to rationalize your bad luck. Bad luck is bad luck and that's all there is to the matter. And about the p2w: this is a free game that offers payed shortcuts. You can achieve the same outcomes by playing for free so don't act as if anyone is forcing you to pay. Nobody is. Payed offers are displayed in plain sight and with clear prices. You have to live with the fact that some people will choose to pay for them. If you decide not to, you're not locking yourself out of anything.
    4. Web Comic Chapter 7

      NOOOOOOO! *throws a tantrum*
    5. Web Comic Chapter 7

      Any info?! The wait is killing me ><
    6. Things noticed since last patch

      Hello Piett I'm going to try to respond to your points: 1. You should start by clearing your cache. If this doesn't help, I'd suggest reinstalling the game. If this in turn doesn't help, report the issue to customer support as it may have an underlying cause. 2. I'm positive exp works perfectly well. Are you sure you're not maxed? If you're sure this isn't a visual problem, report this to customer support as well with screenshots of the battle end screen. 3. I second this. 4. DPS isn't negated and combat is working as intended. You're able to react to an attack, travel-time for projectiles is a thing and finishing casting doesn't mean that your attack has connected. If you play your skills right you can interrupt an attack mid-swing. This is a perfectly valid way to play and adds to the fun. Granted, sometimes damage text doesn't show but this is simply a visual bug ( @NC_Kibbelz I'm looking at you >_> ) that doesn't affect the fight's flow or outcome. Damage is calculated correctly ; I personally can vouch for it. I'll be happy to provide advice or explanations if you need. Feel free to contact me in game
    7. Grunts?

      You're probably unfamiliar with every hero's abilities, which, granted, can be pretty overwhelming at first. But it seems you've been facing a team that has exactly what's needed to defeat yours. The displayed power levels are currently bugged and don't account for fate or ordinances, and more often than not, you can't see the heroes' equipment or skill levels by inspecting them ( @NC_Kibbelz I'm looking at you è_é ) which may or may not give you the illusion of fighting someone way below your level while in reality you're facing an opponent who may very well be at your level or even higher. This said, power levels aren't really a good way to measure your opponents' strength. In fact, each setup has its strengths and weaknesses and those weaknesses can be used against it to extract a relatively easy win! I'd highly encourage you to contact me in game and I'll be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect hero for the job and the correct strategy to follow.
    8. [1/20] Developer Update - Events

      Don't dilute the value of heroes. Rare heroes should be rare. Rare elements should be rare.
    9. Hello @RadioactivE#9677, Maybe you aren't very familiar with how teams in PvP work but I'm not seeing any foul-play from what you showed: In PvP you have an attack team and a defense team: - Your attack team is invisible to players and is the team you use when attacking other players. If you don't have a defense team set at the start of a season, your first attack team is used as a defense team by default (this can be manually changed at any time from the revenges screen). - Your defense team is the team used to fight player who attack you or take revenge against you. This team can be set from the revenges screen. Using a low def team will allow you to actively reduce your arena score to have easier fights for dailies / honor points / etc... but this doesn't mean you can't use your best heroes to attack / take revenge on players. Basically, you can control how competitive you want to be: a low def team will mean that your score will always be on the lower end as everybody can win against you. A strong def team will mean you're actively protecting your score and it's going to be as high as you can make it and defend it. Please don't throw cheating accusations lightly. This creates toxicity and toxicity is really the last thing we would want in the game Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or doubts. Have fun and don't take loss too personally, win and loss are equal parts of the game.
    10. why my leader skill doesn't work at 4vs4 pvp arena

      Help would be easier to provide if you told us about your team and the enemy's. Light candor's leader skill works as intended. 100k BP outside of the arena event 100% HP boost is kinda odd. Either you misread or it's simply a display error that happened for a reason or the other.
    11. Maybe you have noticed how unused and particularly annoying the "ALL" channel is. Maybe you have started typing a message in guild chat to find it cut in half and now you're writing in the ALL channel. Maybe you tried to open the guild chat just to see it forcefully close and send you back to ALL chat. Maybe you've already seen a broken half-message on the ALL chat that was never meant to be there... Maybe the ALL channel needs to be recognized as the failure it is and maybe it needs to go away and all chat should default to the guild channel... It never worked. It never will. Send it to chat heaven and let it rest.
    12. Event bombardment...

      Just why?! Let us breathe! We need variety yes but not to be bombarded with events! A 2 days event is a punishment. A 2 days shard event is suffering. A 2 days shard event after a 4 days event is suffocating. 2 to 3 events a week is just slavery at this point! An event a week is fine. Give us time to recover and prepare! And no, a 2 days rift while another event is active is just wrong!
    13. Hello peeps, After the extension of the assistance system, there's no longer any way to sort the list of requests by "active first and complete last". Nobody cares about a full list of complete requests. We should find the active requests on top of the list.
    14. A draw is not a defeat

      We have a global HP bar. If the timer ends, this HP bar should be used to determine the winner. A loss by default is just lame. Most time-outs happen because a hero is permanently stealthed and your whole team is waiting for the dying thing to get out of stealth...

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