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  • 1. Ren
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  • 3. Leona
  • 4. Nora
    1. Gold Spell Scroll Unusable

      During the last 24 hours before the end of the last 4 events, the Gold Spell I scroll that spawns with the gold corridor, for 30 gems, has be unusable. I was told to reinstall the game and I did so 7 times over 3 weeks.... but it doesn’t permanently fix this issue. It keeps reoccurring at the last 24 hours of the ranked events and is ruining my gaming experience. You guys made a localization fix for the word “gold” so that some issues could be fixed in other languages (please read the patch notes). Did you bother to retest the English version during simulated events? I’m 99% sure that’s the change that broke this almost 4 weeks ago. If your development team lets these major bugs slip by with no communication to the players that they are working on a fix, that is extremely depressing. The event mail doesn’t make up for the countless days lost dealing with this game breaking bug let alone the humiliation of losing your hard earned rank because of some pathetic bug. I sent reports for the last 3-4 events, and no progress has been made. My only recourse is to quit to teach you guys the lesson of why pushing a 64-bit upgrade with no notice or extensive bug testing is the worst possible business decision you can ever make in the software industry. The refund button is always there, your players aren’t.
    2. Weekly player report 9/3/19

      I used 400k aether on +0 gear and managed to get one +1. Interesting rates indeed.
    3. A draw is not a defeat

      There's a reason why Furvus has been banned for two weeks. Nobody likes losing 1v5 to a guy with less hp. It makes no sense in any mathematical measurement. If the teams were switched, Furvus would lose in that scenario, which means the defense team is biased towards winning. That bias should simply be removed so the match is fair and stops favoring him. Furvus the best champion in the arena for defense and attack because of this bias, hence the ban but maybe he wouldn't be banned if this issue was addressed properly.
    4. The box to open the iron coins and the summer dungeon were removed yesterday and today, respectively, while the summer shop is still open for another 5 days. Is this a mistake or why were parts of this event removed, but not the shop. What's the point of buying iron coins if we can't use them? What's the point of the shop if we can't directly farm the coins. And what's the point of Cassandra shards being sold in the shop if it would take 50 days to summon her with the 24 cooldown on 3 shards. Cassandra shards were never given out in the last few events, so how are any of these changes or decisions consumer friendly? Also are we going to receive any compensation for the Allegiance coin bug? I have 1000 of those that I can also not use.
    5. For the sake of convenience

      Better yet add a 24 hour cooldown for each guildmate that does a revenge
    6. Drop rate & inventory slots

      Did 500 runs in razerclaw B10 recently and I never got a single orange hp regen chain or plate chest. It takes so long to get optimal gear for our characters that I'm not sure it's even worth trying... Unless you want to waste 10k energy....
    7. A draw is not a defeat

      Don't forget the fact that reflect accessories also allow for double KOs to happen, which may cause all heroes on the field to be dead. These should also be marked as draws and zero points should be awarded to either player.
    8. Official Feedback Thread - Universal Seeds

      The wording is a little confusing. It makes it seems like once you get 75 5* shards you can use the universal seed to summon the hero. It should be more clear that each seed only replaces 1 shard. Giving one of these out as a reward for the highest tier of the enchantment event added to this confusion. In past events we got multiple 5* shards along the way; to give 1 shard as the highest reward, even if it is universal, seems lackluster.

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