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    1. act 7 scene 27 need help

      @PinkFrog#2537 @vlade#8163 @RexRabia#1583 You want to make a team composition of any 4 units + astria for any of the dungeon fortresses such as razor, shrine, fang b1-10 and farm it x amount of time, blitzing may work as well but not confident on that, also if the mission requires it don't let her die

      Happy Holidays From Aion Legions of War....Good day sir
    3. Patch 1.5 Letter from Devs

      Thanks for the update from the devs and the recently involvement of the community management team aka Kibbz, this week has at least given me some hope there is still some love for the game from different areas of the company, both US and Korea. From my point of view they are trying to weigh the community's feedback in a productive way, as we don't always have the right ideas as neither do the devs with some of the changes over the past year. I really hope you guys can figure this "stuff" out in a timely manner where things get fixed without breaking anything else.So we can have more productive and fun discussions from the player base to community management team and devs about more intellectual stuff regarding the game such as, gear stats effect on combat, unit balancing (buffs/nerfs), new content (guild wars) and story (act 9), release of lower grade units. but coming from my point of view, many of the people don't have enough trust in the development team to even begin fantasying these topics as many critical areas of the skeleton of the game currently have too much broken. I hope this is a lesson for the team to get their foot off of the pedal and stop focusing getting changes implemented before fixes. I know many people are at the point where the next straw will break the camel's back, so lets wake up and fix the game to be quality one and not quantity of features game, because this previous acceptance from the everyone allowing these broken updates to go onto the live server has diminished the fun aspect of the game
    4. Why are there no new servers.??

      tldr not enough players. id say about less than 10 players are left from qqquans time ie started the game 2-3 years ago and around 500-1000 people left from launch on January of last year. There isn't much strong players left tbh many players can catch up fairly fast, just need to find a good guild to speed up the process through rewards. many guilds like mine who have been around since global launch are now recruiting all levels of players due to a lot of our stronger players keep leaving the game
    5. Time to Farm Noobs

      Hey Ares, thanks for your feedback. I appreciate the counter view point for my hot take, as i'm just speaking from what i feel and it may not be what the majority feel, so i like seeing what other peoples opinions are. ill admit the post above was a little bit of a rant coming from a tilted point of view as arena was about to close. But short point is no i don't want to get easy top 10, hell even i know im not a top 10 player by any means. but last "rush hour" i handed one player stwtrtsagy 10-15 free wins or over 40-50 points simply because every time i broke 1700 points the game matched me with him. this hour i floated from rank 16-35 based on my win loss on ao. in that range of ranking youd expect around 25-50 different players to match up against but fluctuating around 50 points from 1650-1716 i only saw the same 4 people to match up against, two i could beat two i couldn't. so i felt the system i felt was flawed as this small pool of match ups was benefiting some by me boosting a few and farming another few at the top ranks. My biggest enemy always last hour was my self, in the old system. i would still loose ao's, but this system enhances the problem of being unable to avoid players resualting in artificial point gain by some, or boosting which is discouraging for some to try to push for the best rank they can and mid week arena it harm being able to have fun in arena as you get forced to face similar comps over and over and i have never win traded. win trading as you might know is not beneficial to final rank tally as you ultimately loose points faster than you could gain by selecting multiple people on offence by hitting players who have less than 100% chance to beat your defense. getting a good rank is about efficiency in a short amount of time ie beating players consistently who can't revenge to bring you down in points. this system how ever makes you loose offences by force, resulting in less players taking chances last hour. tbh last arena rank was my best finish at rank 22 in master league ...why because i didn't get hit or farmed and one or two players made it so i was grid locked and forced me to stop using wings for the last hour-half hour on tally, which i don't believe is healthy for the competition
    6. Time to Farm Noobs

      Keep in mind this is coming from someone who has generally loved arena before the update. Bought many wings from secret shops, not to be able to farm easy players to gain easy honor coins for confis, lds and other items available in the shop. This new update however i have lost all my desire to play arena because of the new system. Currently i am floating in master league, one of the highest ranking for arena. before the update i had arena offence record of roughly 47/55 or 75% success rate, which I was proud of as you can look at my hero box ( just kidding, jokes on you you can't see my stuff... games too broken for that feature). But what i mean is i do not have the strongest units, only banner unit i have is furvus but invested a lot of time making them the best i could through gear and having fun with new units, this week i was playing with dark bellikan and drake. My arena strategy took a lot of testing and figuring out what works what doesn't, giving every player a fair chance... seeing what there defenses strengths and weaknesses were and investing a lot of mental logs of what advantages i had through my opponents and what i struggled against to be able to efficiently stay a high rank. Today though my arena offence log has dropped to 69(nice) / 111 or 62% in less than 1 hr of using my wings. I have encountered many players, i simply can not beat, resulting in me gifting these higher ranked players free points through my losses, two times gifting two different players over 30 points as 5-10 straight losses in a row my arena matching resulted in that same player. So right now there is two options, use 5 gems to refresh your match up which has proven to just give the same player, so this solution is already proven to just be a gem sink or boost them, give them a free win until you get a new match up. Both these solutions are massively discouraging leading to me feeling this will be the last time i will want to fight at the appropriate rank i am supposed to be at due to units getting massively destroyed by a handful of players who i would choose to hit in the old system and my older made units skill set getting massively over powered by newly released untis. In conclusion. I lost the love for arena. whether banned units effected me or not, i loved trying my best in arena, trying to stay the best rank i could with strategy of knowing all the players around me 5 heroes and adjusting my offence and avoiding some players i can not beat, no solution works for some people and that is fine. but when you shove players with multiple new banner units and broken ld (light leah) in my face match after match making me hand out free wins made me loose all the love i had for my units and the competition in pvp. Since i will continue to not participate in banner summons, I simple will be at a disadvantage for the units you keep releasing which continue to increase the power creep with units like tart and not fixing stats like evade. Since i can no longer have fun playing arena fair against many good players and have healthy competition through the old system. It is time to set the fodder defense and farm noobs in silver, gold, and platinum league. right now i don't care if revenges lost all its point gain because you still can get honor coins, and arena has two rewards worth playing for, either fun with competition or ability to buy honor shop items. This system lost all the fun in competition for me resulting in me rather than fighting fairly, i would rather set my defense weak and drop rank to fight the noobs in the lower ranks or just not fight at all if that fails to work. arena kept this game fun for me but with this new system this might be my victory lap with the game and see my way out sooner rather than later.
    7. Lag

      On a serious note we are all with you on this one. with all of our different forums of communication it’s pretty clear from the communities I interact with every day. This issue is one of the leading contributors to people having enough of the quality of the game and finding alternative games to spend there free time playing. The other stuff being talked about tends to be louder of late mostly because we all are out of breath from speaking to a wall about the Technical imperfections the continually happens
    8. Lag

      - don’t forge what NC reports back to HQ:we are hearing players want more banner 5* units 😂
    9. Hey @RadioactivE#9677 Thanks for bringing this to my attention. lets first make it clear i do not allow cheaters in my guild. However like any good leader tell you its hard to catch everything, but we do our best with the tools we have to keep our guild happy, fair, and fun. Personally i hope NC investigates everyone including my own players, especially my own account if they suspect cheating. Since this looks like your first rodeo participating in the forum/community, ill go easy on you and give you the benefit of the doubt: So lets break it down: This is your account. We can see by the red arrow you are a fairly new player only lvl 33. Welcome to the game! Also by the blue circle there is the number that no one really understands how it works but bigger usually means account strength and or potential... still clueless how it works but before heroics drops most accounts where around the 250kpoint but now a lot of players are reaching 350k random number. but again only 99k means your units might now be the best yet but who knows So lets look at those units. We can see you are still working to reach that first 6 six milestone but working to get most to level 35 to figure out what is good but also looks like you got lucky on the new banner even have a couple ld fairies to pop out.... thanks pretty cool, must keep you excited working to improve your team This is your ad best units you got placed to defend your honor, trying to work your way up to the top to compete with the best players in the game, but something has held you back recently as you jumped into the battle field. Now lets investigate the hacker, This is helheim's account looks like some pretty strong units... over 30-35 six stars that i can see. She has been in our guild for awhile now, and always been a team player but i won't let that bias effect our investigation lets now see what they put up on Arena defense: Now this took a bit of extra time to come to this conclusion. but from my top 100 player in arena expert opinion, (not a big deal) those are not there best units on arena defense and I stand by this assumption, but it looks like she may be using weak units on her arena defense so when it come time to do arena offence they are a low enough rank to farm noobs like you for easy honor coins / points Welcome to the game bud! but this is not foul play, you are just bad (at the moment, nothing to be ashamed with) and they are just lazy... but as a leader i will be sure to make it clear to them they are disrespecting that light leah and should give it to me plz
    10. Update to the situation at hand: Vella and e3llete where both confirmed to be playing unfairly in arena and tower by using modifications available to get unlimited skill uses , bonus attack/hp. Both had been removed from the top100 in tower and what was believed to be banned on Thursday from the game However the situation was done under the radar, no updates where provided from the community management team or devs. Leading to a lot of confusion to how they handled the situation, how they confirmed what was fair gameplay and what wasnt. Today however we can see both 3llete and "vella" who goes by the name now eq1n0xj are both back in the game freely to login. This confirms that the team has a 100% tolerance to accounts who choose to stain the community of players who play by the rules. By the temp ban or ban lift we know there is no consequences for getting a unfair advantage in the game and proves that NC is unable to handle these situations correctly by staying issuing permanent bans. If these actions don't provide them with enough information to perma bans players, then we can only assume they don't value the hard working players in the game and have 0 backbone to cheating. Do people really think these players should be still able to play the game on accounts proven to be altered to gain a advantage against legit players or do you think there should of been a permanent ban for any use of additional programs. This is the first time I've seen a company allow confirmed cheaters to use accounts ever again after proven guilty of foul play no matter there whale status or account age. Once these reports came to life they should have been removed permanently and or reset. Not given a little slap on the shoulder and finger wave. They and many more are just going to continue to cheat with the standard you have set
    11. [11/27] Happy Thanksgiving!

      All seriousness aside, I hope @NC_Kibbelz and the rest of the team have a good thanksgiving!😃. Relieve some stress with some good azz turkey and beer with friends and family! Keep those priorities straight, after that we can focus on working on making the game better through our typical bickering🦃
    12. Congratulations on the cheater's occupation of the game

      Add to the reports: rank 97: Rank 52:
    13. per the forums code of conduct "When we all play by the rules, we all win. This is especially true of games that can be competitive, like AION: Legions of War. We do not tolerate cheaters in the game..... We encourage players to report cheating and exploiting when they see it, to help us improve the experience for the overwhelmingly vast majority of honest players" Right now there has been numerous posts about a player in question for over a week in the games community due to unusual game play. These reports have been however been not taken seriously by the community manager, customer service resulting in us to believe the current development team and management has a tolerance for cheating by no visible termination of accounts that have been playing in a noncompetitive manner. Many games now provide monthly or yearly reports on accounts removed from the game. This game has provided zero and right now a the person in question continues to be able to use his account in a suspicious manner, leading to many to believe that this game still lets this guy and many more continue to plaque our community with hack, mods, or other tools to provide a unfair advantage in the game, that they promised per Dev Note june 19th they would remove from the game or take action HACKING/CHEATING We are aware that some players are cheating in the game. We understand how unfair this is to those of you who are playing the game as intended, so we are working diligently to address this issue and our hope is that you will see this problem getting better very soon. We are 100% committed to getting this resolved as soon as possible. This however was not dealt with, fixed, or addressed and below i will show you what is being allowed in the game right now: Player in question has taken out my arena defense this week with ease over 4 times this week: Players best units: My units on full auto revenging this players best units: (ad units can solo his as well) https://i.imgur.com/Tq3cpRN.mp4 Last week in arena i checked my arena defense log with 15 minutes left until tally. This player cleared my defense at the 15 minute mark with his arena ranking coming in around 1590-1600. This i believed was strange, him being able to compete at this rank, so i watched closely his score from my defense log. he was able in less than 15-10 minutes climb from mid 1500-1600 all the way up to the 1700 points in that short time period. clearing some of the best players in the game in less than 1 minute to be able to get that many points in that short of time period as a win nets 10-15 points at this rank not to mention other players hitting his beyond easy defense. he was still able to finish one of the more challenging arena week (due to bans) at this rank: So ask yourself does this seem legit, with all those experienced players sitting from arena points 1450-1700 making it harder than ever to climb ranks, does this player have a good enough hero box to contend with the top players in the game. He was removed from the top guild of the game No Energy for being unable to explain his ability to use dark viper to solo clear tower 105 in 1 second, then was reported by his guild mates over a week ago, but the game team has stayed silent. Well if you have a stance to remove these actions from the game, its time to step up and revoke these players from being able to log into the game. This is just one case, there might be many other players who chose to stay under the radar, avoiding suspicion. We ask you guys to ban all of them. Make it clear, tell us who has been playing unfair and has been removed from the game or we will forever believe you guys condone unfair game play in arena, rift, tower or all other arenas in the game as you don't seem to value those playing by the rules of the game. Bonus suspicion in tower: As you know from GOSU gate one second clears are doable, by many players who have been playing for over 1.5-2 years, predominantly players from gosu because those players have had the ability to farm gear with damage bonuses that have been log removed from the game, that's fine. we cant fix some players get a advantage from the devs messing up prelaunch and not removing over powered gear some had the ability to get while the majority of the players have not. but this is clear hacking from newer players in the game, but nothing has been done
    14. Hi all, I haven't posted in awhile and frankly there is a big reason for that. the current direction of the game has been unbearable. I have been not motivate to speak in awhile because all of my complaints and worries have been tossed aside and they have gone in the other direction. As i feel my words have not had much of a community backing, i have solely been playing with my guild. DragginBallz/SuperSlayinz have been one of the most consistent guilds in the game, with some of the most passionate players internally so instead of me speaking for my self this time around i will let you see what our community has been feeling the past month through quotes from my players through this period of NC has layering events on top of eachother with no down time and forced game play on its players "Yeah I’ve seen that it’s been pretty stagnant since rift kinda settled at its current point. Seems like their just whipping up new heroes and throwing events at a more frequent pace to force gameplay and p2w competitiveness, when they lack the community to encourage it. Game feels like it’s spinning wheels and especially when their team says it, you cant not feel powerless" "But that's game glitches not base play they sent out questionnaire then from the chatting the guild had after did exactly the opposite of what most said they answered. That when I started the non stop event saga =( heroic upgrade cost went thru the roof and ......... alot changed for the worst imo been going down hill ever since. That is where I feel I started to lose my enjoyment with this game. I just try to help others get the most out of the game now. Hoping they will fix the game truly like it just not the toxic strategy they are running now but that's all on the dev's not the game it's self." "this guild/ group of people are great it's just the game it's self is under real bad management at this time sadly. Seams to me more about money then marketing a playable marathon game. When I started shortly after globle release was fun but slowly they have changed the whole concept to a money grab im hoping to get better devs but doubtful tbh. Sadly the way they are running it now is exactly like a game on its last leg about to die trying to get all the money they can before it's shut down. Truly hope I'm wrong but that is my opinion." "Yeah, I think I'm dropping this game. It just isn't fun. I can log in and actually play the game a little, or I can log in and get some mediocre rewards by doing whatever the flavor of the day grind is. There's no option that lets me play the game AND get any kind of decent reward. Rift was the only thing that saved my interest for a little bit, and it's too janky to hold me.I won't leave the Discord, but I'm going to mute the channels and game notifications, and probably leave the guild to make room for somebody who wants to be active. I was kind of teetering a month, month and a half ago, because it was starting to get stale then. They seemed to be listening to player feedback, at least a little, for a short time. Then over the last month they've made things so much worse that I just don't feel like sticking it out any more. I'm playing two other games, and having fun with them. I'll check the Discord, forums, and subreddit from time to time to see if I think things are getting better, and I'm definitely open to coming back." Once again i apologize i haven't been active much in the small community we have, but there is little intensive right now with the small amount of people we have left in the game and NC not wanting to promote the game. I wish things where better but i would lie to you guys we all are struggling to log in right now even being in one of the strongest global launch guilds, we lack motivation and hope things will get better. we went from easy rift 3 clears to barely putting a dent in rift three due to people not wanting to play the game or even worse just quiting, if its tough at the top i cant imagine the bottom. but to end things off, I would love to hear others opinions on the game and the current direction. Is everyone still having fun, enjoying the content NC is providing, how are other communities doing keeping everyone invested and motivated, in good spirits.

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