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    1. Hi all, I haven't posted in awhile and frankly there is a big reason for that. the current direction of the game has been unbearable. I have been not motivate to speak in awhile because all of my complaints and worries have been tossed aside and they have gone in the other direction. As i feel my words have not had much of a community backing, i have solely been playing with my guild. DragginBallz/SuperSlayinz have been one of the most consistent guilds in the game, with some of the most passionate players internally so instead of me speaking for my self this time around i will let you see what our community has been feeling the past month through quotes from my players through this period of NC has layering events on top of eachother with no down time and forced game play on its players "Yeah I’ve seen that it’s been pretty stagnant since rift kinda settled at its current point. Seems like their just whipping up new heroes and throwing events at a more frequent pace to force gameplay and p2w competitiveness, when they lack the community to encourage it. Game feels like it’s spinning wheels and especially when their team says it, you cant not feel powerless" "But that's game glitches not base play they sent out questionnaire then from the chatting the guild had after did exactly the opposite of what most said they answered. That when I started the non stop event saga =( heroic upgrade cost went thru the roof and ......... alot changed for the worst imo been going down hill ever since. That is where I feel I started to lose my enjoyment with this game. I just try to help others get the most out of the game now. Hoping they will fix the game truly like it just not the toxic strategy they are running now but that's all on the dev's not the game it's self." "this guild/ group of people are great it's just the game it's self is under real bad management at this time sadly. Seams to me more about money then marketing a playable marathon game. When I started shortly after globle release was fun but slowly they have changed the whole concept to a money grab im hoping to get better devs but doubtful tbh. Sadly the way they are running it now is exactly like a game on its last leg about to die trying to get all the money they can before it's shut down. Truly hope I'm wrong but that is my opinion." "Yeah, I think I'm dropping this game. It just isn't fun. I can log in and actually play the game a little, or I can log in and get some mediocre rewards by doing whatever the flavor of the day grind is. There's no option that lets me play the game AND get any kind of decent reward. Rift was the only thing that saved my interest for a little bit, and it's too janky to hold me.I won't leave the Discord, but I'm going to mute the channels and game notifications, and probably leave the guild to make room for somebody who wants to be active. I was kind of teetering a month, month and a half ago, because it was starting to get stale then. They seemed to be listening to player feedback, at least a little, for a short time. Then over the last month they've made things so much worse that I just don't feel like sticking it out any more. I'm playing two other games, and having fun with them. I'll check the Discord, forums, and subreddit from time to time to see if I think things are getting better, and I'm definitely open to coming back." Once again i apologize i haven't been active much in the small community we have, but there is little intensive right now with the small amount of people we have left in the game and NC not wanting to promote the game. I wish things where better but i would lie to you guys we all are struggling to log in right now even being in one of the strongest global launch guilds, we lack motivation and hope things will get better. we went from easy rift 3 clears to barely putting a dent in rift three due to people not wanting to play the game or even worse just quiting, if its tough at the top i cant imagine the bottom. but to end things off, I would love to hear others opinions on the game and the current direction. Is everyone still having fun, enjoying the content NC is providing, how are other communities doing keeping everyone invested and motivated, in good spirits.
    2. Lemay's fate

      for anyone with out light lemay (make sure light lemay arena leader skill is selected if not in arena), when you are in any battle selection screen ie adventure where you need to select your 5 heroes to send out to the battle. Press and hold lemay so the units gear and skills will pop up, in the middle of that window you need to press change leader and that will give your lemay the leader crown (usless as no leader skill) but that will make it so you will be able to chip away at the fate
    3. Were to farm equipment

      also units like lemay make sure you get good accuracy and debuff accuracy rate on it as you want to make sure the unit doesn't miss her main function of removing immortality
    4. Were to farm equipment

      Generally speaking (not PVP), Cleric (Light leah): Dungeon: Razorclaw b10 Ideal set: indomital (mag def%) Save you teammates butts, heal a ton and heal more often Ideal stats: HP% block% dot/hot%, evade Necklace/rings: SP recovery,DOT/HOT,MAG DEF Gear substat: Will Sorcerer (Fire Lemay): Dungeon: FANG Fortress b10 Ideal set: Fierce Attack (crit%) or temor (mag pen%) Goal: Pump out a lot of Mag Damage Ideal stats: Attack%, crit rate, mag pen Necklace/rings: MAG PEN, crit rate, hp drain Gear substat: Intelligence Gladiator (Fang,Ren): Dungeon: Razorclaw b10 Ideal set: Retention (combo S.A.R), valor (phy def ) Goal interrupt and not miss Ideal stats: Guard break, Accuracy, PEN, Attack, HP Necklace/rings: SP recovery,Phy DEF%, Combo S.A.R Gear substat: Strength Gunner/rangers (Regis): Dungeon: Shrine b10 Ideal set: Motivation Dragon (phy pen%) Goal: Pump out a lot of Phy damage Ideal stats: Attack%, Crit rate, PHY pen, DOT/HOT( if damage over time skills) Stats to avoid: Evade, Block, Necklace/rings: SP recovery,PHY PEN, Crit Rate Gear substat: Agility Assassins : Dungeon: Shrine b10 Ideal set: Motivation Dragon (phy pen%) deluge: Goal: Avoid getting hit, pump out damage Ideal stats: Evade, Attack%, Crit rate, PHY pen Necklace/rings: SP recovery,PHY PEN, Crit Rate,evade Gear substat: Agility Templar aethertech: Dungeon: Razorclaw b10 Ideal set: Valor (Phy def%) Goal: tanky and Shields Ideal stats: Block, HP (accuracy if the unit supplies a debuff) Necklace/rings: SP recovery, PHY Def, reflect Gear substat: Strength Songweaver: Dungeon: Fang b10 Ideal set: Vigor (Dot Hot) Save you teammates butts, heal a ton and heal more often Ideal stats: HP% block% dot/hot% , evade Necklace/rings: SP recovery,DOT/HOTMAG DEF Gear substat: Intelligence Disclaimer adventure can provide very good 1 set (2 piece gear) for many of these units and will help you get many of these stats needed with there bonus property, you should not over look any orange adventure gear with good stats (like candor running x2 phy def% bonus one from razor one from adventure). Always try to avoid flat stats and stats that won't help a unit. Finding the right main stat ring/neck that has the right sub stat with the best additional stats will be tough but that something you will have to farm a long time for so just try your best early on to put good set bonuses on your units. Also with rift it will give you more flexibility with main property gear, just try to get the right properties on your units
    5. A draw is not a defeat

      Eh i disagree like imagine a arena fight is your country invading my country if you are left with the enemy soldiers still protecting the fort and you failed to break through the enemy line you loose the war as you where unable to conquer them and take there land. So I see that as still a loss; the defense did its job of protecting you from being able to take a hold of there fort, you maybe alive but you failed but you invaded them to kill them and take their land (arena points they are protecting) from them as your own land (arena points you wish to gain from defeating them)
    6. Drop rate & inventory slots

      event spam energy caps, you have to take into consideration there used to be more free time to build units and have fun strengthening your team. but now you cant save up butt loads of energy and farm auto over night. you are forced now to only focus on events during the day and or dungeons for a few hours. so i assume we are able to farm gear efficiently at 10% of what we used to so that is why it feels like we are getting less gear because overall we are able to farm less and less
    7. DragginBallz recruiting

      One of the longest standing top 10 guilds in the game is again recruiting. We clear all guild bosses, consistently rank top 5+ in events, high in trophies. But all that doesn't matter to us what we have is some of the strongest and most friendly players in the game. Still we pride our self on trying to be the best chat 2 play guild in the game! meaning we accept players who want to grow and get stronger and be a part of our family and be one of the strongest guilds not have the strongest individuals DragginBallz currently has 5 or more spots open and is looking for family oriented players with over 150k-200k team power and 3k+ trophies at the end of season... if you have met our requirements: ★ You MUST apply through https://discord.gg/KYv7UZv , applicants that apply in game will not be accepted into DBZ ★ If you don't meet our guilds requirements we would still love to have you! Just apply to our 2nd guild SuperSlayinz which is currently another consistent top 10 guild and has many active/newer players who are learning the game and are working to get stronger as well as many veterans who what to help there guild members grow. Currently S.S is recruiting any active player who wants to improve in the game and have fun! discord is also required for S.S so apply through the same link above. We share the same discord channel as DBZ which is a great place to learn and get help from many of the best players in the game!
    8. Blitz counting towards Fate accomplishments

      it still easier to farm since it is 500 runs+ of a dungeon for fate so it is easier to save up nrgy and farm over night to get it done fast. but a solid quality of life change that wouldn't hurt the game or break it so why not
    9. How do i quit guild

      if you some how got slammed into guild leadership because i believe in a inactive guild first one to log in gets guild lead after gm has been afk for a week or more go to the guild intro screen where you see the rank/guild intro/ #1 player in throphies, arena, Tower ext and hit the member button on the bottom left then manage, and then hit promote on a player two times to declare a new leader then hit back or if you are not the leader just go to the main guild intro screen at the bottom left next to members hit leave button
    10. Events suck

      I suggest taking a little break with events and play the game how you wish or how you have fun. Unless you are going for top prizes there is no reason you need to go balls to the wall week after week. I think less players grinding till they die will show in there numbers, like players able to complete x event/ what the majority was point total was in an event or guilds able to complete in the event. hopefully with less players burning them self's out in the event and not completing ( under 800 people completed the last event to the full point req) will show them this style of game play is unhealthy for it's players and will promotes some positive changes. even i am struggling now to finish the events, not because i can't just because its not fun anymore for me and this past month i have had 0 time to work on my own projects / farm what i want to because the two days between events i tend not to even log in because of exhaustion
    11. So tired of barely active guilds

      DragginBallz is recruiting and would love to have you with us. Very down to earth chatty guild, all active players who participate in rifts,events,and guild bosses. Just need to apply through our discord: https://discord.gg/KYv7UZv
    12. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 2 (6/27/19)

      Things look better this time around, we are really glad are efforts are being rewarded, right now we are able to clear rift lvl 2 with ease and struggle with lvl 3 which is okay. I hope we continue to grow, so one day we are strong enough. I really appreciate all the communication that was done between our community, @NC_EMpulse and developers. A lot was made better this time around, and shows you are doing better and value our concerns to make the game better. What i see this time around are a few things that i feel needs to be addressed from a leaders perspective, as always, I could be wrong but these are the biggest issues/complaints facing my community right now One thing i feel that is lacking is a common issue for many areas of the game, the lack of tools for guild leaders and vices to properly mange people and hold people accountable. 50 people is a lot to look after, and right now there are no tools to keep track how people are managing there monsters ( what units they used/ what they have left) and what paths they have gone. A 2d map would help greatly to see what has been explored( by who) and what is left and not found. the 3d is hard on both leaders and players to know what way to go and what things are found and need to be prioritized I will be honest i almost lost one (rage quit) vice leader who was given the responsibility of leading rift because people where messing up our goal of rift, which i see as another problem. the final ranking. We have had issues in lvl 2 because rift is ranked based on how much you have cleared the map, not how fast you cleared the map. I would love to see it time based not % completed based, since we easily found and killed all the snakes (altars) and had to instruct people don't hit the boss till we secure the SS rank, again unnecessary stress on leaders, which i feel will only get worse as people get stronger (like what happened with guild bosses, b1-3 was a problem day one, now all of them are a problem for us) . if it was time based we feel like players could be rewarded appropriately and the rift could stay open after the final boss is defeated. This i feel will better reward players for both taking out the boss and allow players who couldn't get on in time work on all the mini boss stages so they can also get rewarded for clearing the filler stages that have no effect on the overall goals of rift ( explore, find altars,take them out, kill the boss). This would also help people learn more and promote testing rifts (try stages after its been completed so there is no stress of wasting units) Time period- our members are already getting burned out from this content. 24hrs is way too short of a period for rifts. we would love to see the map increased and have each rift have a timer of 3 days to a week. We simply can't keep people motivated when this is such a rush to clear this content, since 24hrs is approximately 5 hrs of game time and people who log on later than in the day are more rewarded then those online when rift is opened. This content would be much more fun if we could marathon the map throughout a week, taking little chunks out each day. One day simply is taxing on my players and we already feel the effects of people not having fun due to how frequently it opens and closes throughout the week. Rank- We would love to see more PVE global ranks. A leader-board for this content would be fun and i think will allow some more bragging rights. Such ranks could show who is the best, who currently is beating the highest lvl of rifts, Who has the best final score on x difficulty of rift. I think having a leader-board will help more players find a guild that fits there ability as well as promote healthy competition in the game that simply can't be achieved through spending but is achieved by skill, leadership, communication, and the desire to push each-other to work together
    13. Ask The Developers Question Thread!

      What are the rates for summoning (are all Nat five rates created equal), gear drops, roulette? Or why do you feel not releasing this information to the public is a better strategy, when many of the gatchas you compete with (dhc, Summoners war) have a made all rates public information? For content creation what can you do to make it easier? Currently many information is hid behind encryption. Many games have hero pictures available or json files or hero multiplier formula available in the text.cvs easily extracted so creators can make content ie gear programs, or wikis, right now currently it's impossible to build any content for the game because of how unavailable files are and the game makes heroes you don't have hidden behind a shadow(blacked out) or have the (! Wanted) effect over them, can you make it better or easier? What content would you like to see for the game, videos, websites, optimizers?
    14. Thanks for giving your opinion as I don't agree 100% agree, but I love seeing what players feel, value, and want out a guild. I gave my opinion 100% as the leaders perspective and I know I'm wrong in many ways but want to touch on some points you said. I know what you mean by destroying. I'm speaking here about the current state of the game and competition being unhealthy. Contacted or not I feel having only one guild being ballz to the wall is unhealthy because many players value that competition and many guilds can't offer that day 1 but can grow in time to be competitive. I was highlighting more the fact if in the game we build more 100% active guilds we can have more friendly competition. My guild is not rank hungry but our activeness has rewarded us. I'm saying I don't push events 1 bit but have been rewarded by having players who love the game Yes I agree 100% I've been through it all, trying to find an identity for my guild and when I was leading from the perspective rank mattered and cartering those who had those wants I was getting burned out as a leader. I never wanted #1 but thought if a player didn't finish a event they didn't respect our guild and would push those narratives. But being a noob leader (first time since 17, almost 5 years since I've lead people and a guild ) I had to learn and make mistakes. About filtering my guild I agree and have been. For awhile now I've been saying fuk rank lets have fun and while doing that I managed to successfully build two guilds now with the same vision of how I believe our guilds should be run. One is leaded by me another is run by someone who I have confidence they share the same vision. Since then I've had 100% more fun. I'm trying to more motivate leaders in the game they can also lead successful guilds that align with there vision. I don't want leaders to give up because of rough waters. I felt hopeless once when players left me and felt my vision for our guild wasn't one that made players love being apart of what I built. But since my changes and learning from my mistakes I feel even stronger about my guild and players even if our rank ist't as good, our community is stronger than it's ever been
    15. Congrats to the top 5 guilds and whopping 350 people who finished the guild/solo event Recently i was told my one of my members that another player sent him a message Wow such commitment to the 'worst guild'. Right now however we need more of the worst guilds in the game. I brand my guild like i did day 1 here in the forums, strive to be the best Chat2win guild and haven't changed since So why is having more of the worst guilds important because right now, the top guilds are slowly destroying the game, and i hold myself as accountable for being part of the problem in-till recently. The past few events however i ran things differently, Not once did i look at peoples individual score, never ( never have) contacted any top solo event scorers, and most importantly not once did i put any pressure on my members to feel obligated to go out of the way to contribute to the event, just let them play the game how they enjoy it The problem at hand is there is no competition for guilds, events are repetitive, [time for some new ideas ;)] and simply people are forced content down there throught. This has lead to the top guilds in the game squeezing players dry and rise and replace them. NoEnergy- 50,50 (est March) joined date of player: 12 march, 15 april, 11 may, 12 june ~29 top 100 finishers in the event Sparta 49/50,(feb) 5 feb, 4 march, 7 april, 12 may, 21 June ~7 top 100 DragginBallz 47/50,(feb) 4 feb, 10 march, 11 april, 11 may, 11 june ~9 top 100 ( 31 finished the event ) That's it, the top. All the other guilds have fallen or slowed down (other than gosu whos has stayed consistent) This right here is starting to get to me. To be a top guild in events you need to constantly be focused on replacing people. It is not fun up here, there is no competition for events now that NoEnergy has a strong hold on the "best" players and i'm fine with that. But i urge many people to think twice before worrying about guild event ranks. The prize isn't that great here. Just finishing events, i have learned will burn your players out very fast. The player base is small right now, and i urge people to try to really build more guilds and work to build strong new players. I have done this twice, both guilds i run finished top 10; DBZ #3 SS#6 superslayinz who was built fairly recently, it can be done, just need to grind out recruiting. Make keep guild chats active, help them out, ask questions, dumb ones. Because right now there is too little competition between guilds and almost 0 guild loyalty and leaders who value the person not the score or throphies, too much poaching players (i know 6 or more left my guild to join the next best thing) i'm fine with that, take more of my players at this point, we'd rather find people who value community over greed. Right now i have over 80 wonderful people in my two guilds that love the guild and the community and i would take that any day over rank, sometimes even playing the game. People need to really work on building guilds from the ground up these days . plenty of new players in chats, or players who joined a dead guild. say hi in global chat will do wonders. i'm always in CH-1 when my chat works. because you never know when the next guild will fall apart and where they will end up. Currently the trend has been #2, guilds that pushed to compete for #1 but flew to close to the sun and burned out.

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