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    1. Firstly, I want to advise that I am replying to this post as I was one of the more vocal members of the community recently. I want to preface this to say that personally this is very disappointing reading, and I will detail below why. New User Experience While it is great you have been focussing on onboarding, this has negligible to zero affect on the current user base, of which is rapidly diminishing. The storyline is still not completable, and there has been no extension to it in over 10 months. In addition, while it sounds like you have achieved some gains in some areas, these gains are not in the core areas which will affect users on an ongoing basis. By this I primarily refer to the loading scenes between scene / floor transitions in battles, in addition to the time it takes to load battles. End game battles last 5 seconds, the loading time is 20+ seconds, it should be completely the opposite way round. Not to mention, end game content should never take such little time to complete, 2 second times in Tower of Transcendence, no auto complete, and no new levels in nearly a year is ridiculous. Having to press skip xx times when enchanting equipment above +12 is somewhere the UI could just be completely removed. I think all players will agree that the UI and graphical elements of the game are generally very strong, they don't get appreciated, because they're having to be overplayed. I think all of us would sit and watch an enchant animation if we can set a 50 try count, and watch the animation ONCE and get a result from the random generator as an overview like you get in the dungeons for example. There has been much debate about lots of user experience issues covered in many other feedback posts that I won't list here, but I think fundamental changes to core areas have not been addressed. Sniping and the Arena I don't want to discuss the sniping as I believe most of this has been addressed, and last arena season it was very clear that these tactics were no longer being utilised in the same way. However, I do want to discuss the UE and UI updates, I believe that these are secondary to the issues with the actual current point systems in place. Especially given that the top 100 rewards are never fully distributed in Classic or Arcade Arena. I also don't think there's huge issues with the UI elements of Arena, although there are of course suggestions that have been made by the community. Instead, the core issues arising are from OP heroes not being balanced, counters not actively working, or number of counters being limited to 1 - 2 heroes. In addition the bans are still element based, and not really widespread to force a completely variant meta which was a plan to overcome some of the issues. There's still also no actual information about how stat rolls work, eg 100% accuracy has a 42% chance of hitting a character with 142% evade. Without this type of statistical knowledge the community has not been able to create balanced and thought out counters. Most games, especially this established in terms of length of being live have either been able to work out these rates as a community, or the developers have provided enough guidance / information themselves to be able to generate this kind of information. There's a whole suite of other issues which have been covered again by the community in other posts, and I find it scary that you are still asking for feedback in this area, when it has been given time and time again (and feels very much like it's being ignored). Inventory Space & Equipment I think it is no understatement to say that this is one of the most disappointing areas of the game which has changed for the worse, and where some really basic changes would have gone a long way already. Firstly, the most simplest of all, an equipment counter showing xxx/500. Currently, we have to hope the heroic coin box is open to get this information. Secondly, it reads like we don't currently manage our inventories, and just allow ourselves to stockpile equipment. Every player is pulling their hair out waiting for the rng gods to provide a pairing jewellery set, second or fourth piece of gear to get the magic stat bonus, so you hold on in the hope that this will eventually come, and inevitably sell the gear just as you get the missing piece. But in addition to this, with the change to the heroic system, you are forcing us to stockpile ever greater quantities of gear in order to be able to have any hope let alone chance of upgrading our heroic gear. While salvaging equipment for Aether is a nice idea it's not fixing the issues raised above. In addition the stat rolls on equipment is completely and utterly ridiculous, eg phy pen sub stats on mag pen sets, cloth armour for phy pen sets, intelligence on phy pen necklace etc. To add insult to the stat rolls, the reforge stones introduced, are like complete gold dust, cannot re-roll sensible stats for the character the equipment is equipped on, costs a fortune, and provide no benefits at all. Aether upgrades for levels 1-5 don't benefit from heroic % increases, so there's even 3 levels of UI changes for upgrading heroic gear now, 1-5 no heroic, 6-11 any heroic stat enhancers, 11+ same heroic stat enhancers. You weighted the heroic stat % but the acquisition for tiered loot was not representative of that, so you can get 2-5* gear in any rifts, so acquisition is the same regardless. Not to mention the gem price increases was astronomical, and legacy players who had enchanted heroic gear have a massive advantage over new and other players. The fix for blitz equipment is still not in place, so you can still easily lose 15 pieces of equipment during events. Again all of this feedback has been given for months, and yet the only offering is a salvage system which helps 1% to increase our Aether gathering abilities, but addresses none of the far more major and immediate concerns. Battle Mechanics I think all of us are familiar with the traditional tank / crowd control / damage and heal set ups, but there's no balance or incentive to run this style of gameplay in large areas of the game. Healers are used for cc removal only, and are completely under utilised across the board. There's no targeting system, and no way to track / change agro settings during game play, in addition to targeting skills against specific characters, eg Bloodfang interrupt either a healer or mage who are casting skills at the same time, it's a complete gamble as to which one is currently targeted. This means little skill is required in combat, and battle outcomes are more commonly decided by rng than actual skill based game play. Then there are just some broken mechanics, such as assassins in hiding not allowing shields or heals to be cast, which makes skills such as Cassandra Wave of Threat useless. Characters hidden, shouldn't have the same effect as silence, which is its own game mechanic. This post is a direct reply to this dev update but by no means covers all the frustrations, concerns and items already raised by the community elsewhere. I think this really does highlight though the current disparity between the development and the community however. I will let others comment though as well, as I may be mistaken and misled myself.
    2. The most obvious and highest requested - equipment storage expansion and count Hero Codex - need to see which heroes have been maxed and what requirements for each level are Expedition - if revenge on dragon frontier it auto starts it Auto Intrusion - this does not work, stops on the intrusion page Roulette - cannot use chat when using this - also needs a 10 spin feature
    3. The issue isn't the distance between events, it's that the same event cycle has been in place for 6+ months and everyone prepares for each one, so no progression is made in the interim periods and then people get 5-10 6* heroes or boost their power by 20k due to equipment event. The rewards for events have also been extremely stripped back and removal of hero shards, and single seed shard as max solo rewards are frustrating players. There's no real competition outside the top 10 in each event, and there's usually a 50%+ gap between 1 and 5. This is because only the top 3-5 rewards have any merit and below that no-one minds the difference of 10 imp shards or 100 gems, as it will cost as much to move into the higher rank - ie the spend to reward ratio is not worth it. If you can dangle the carrot in the rewards, then the competition will be more fierce for the higher ranks. It would be nice to see different events or a variation on existing events so that it's not all the same eg adding something like Aether corridors and doing an event on those which includes heroic refining, and in the gold corridor event include the equipment refining so re-imagining and combining two events into one rather than forcing the large resource store gaps.
    4. One seed shard for max solo points is ridiculously low for an event, especially given that the hidden purchase quest gave 50. Hero shards should also be distributed to the top 100 players in an event, where top 10 rewards shard rewards should be possible to achieve hero with reward shards + seeds. This will encourage more players to work harder to get the shards for a hero earlier. Shards should also be rewarded on the banner events inline with event so that anyone in top 100 can guarantee hero through banner purchases + seeds. Currently you cannot even purchase seeds - it's like they were added and then completely forgotten - and even hero shards have been sparse. Depending on the schedule for the 3 month hero introduction depends on if it will work, if more detail can be provided the player base can then advise more accurately. Reforge stones are almost pointless - given their rarity they should allow additional changes or function differently. e.g. change the core stat to equipped hero, allow you to choose the substats, or reset the enchant level with the current stats held so higher stats can be achieved
    5. This was in principal a great idea to switch the meta - however you have only banned specific elements of heroes and not the hero. This therefore doesn't change the meta, and instead just gives a much greater advantage to those who have the alternative elements. This will only work if ALL elements of the heroes are banned - or perhaps we could remove all types of heroes eg all gladiators. @NC_Kibbelz has mentioned this was done as rewarding depth of characters, but actually it's only encouraging depth of nat5 heroes. To really reward depth of heroes you should ban 75% from nat5, 50% from nat4 and 25% from nat3 which would genuinely require depth of characters across all the different tiers - otherwise whose ever going to do fate and 6* a Kiki...
    6. Official Feedback Thread - Ophelia Summons Event

      Shards so you can at least guarantee at some point you’ll get what you’re ploughing gems into... I stopped after 7 rounds of woeful rewards, if I knew xxxx gems = hero then I’d be more inclined to continue. You’re currently preying on peoples gambling habits to fuel the coffers and not actually offering a chance for a level playing field given the rng gods. Summonite are also completely forgotten and new pools of heroes. There shouldn’t be “unobtainable” heroes. How can you ever complete a codex? The content needs to be available to all players and not just pre global release (Cassandra) etc eg make all heroes available in gem pools, but confinite be restricted as they are. Change summonite to have more variation of elements/heroes (fire Charlotte is annoying everyone) etc Karma drops should be Nat levels and not fake awakens
    7. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      1) how to get revive and heal stones? 2) why do bosses health levels reset? 3) if quit / disconnect why heroes die instead of just fatigue 4) what are rewards in each level? 5) what is the timer on coop bosses and how long does it last? (Loading screen tip) 6) are relic repository rewards just for coop members / whole guild or those who entered the rift 7) who can open rift and can you stop someone opening too high level? these are less feedback as much as info that’s needed to play the rift and plan
    8. Mez Changes First Look (Feedback Wanted!)

      Changes to mez were not really needed. There are bigger issues with mez removal requiring a swathe of different healers, either a reduction in mez effects or increase in healer removals would make more sense. The other issues are that mez effects hit very rarely, regardless of accuracy / mez resist stats which means they rarely impact on a fight. Weirdly some mez effects, eg chain for 60 seconds can have a negative effect on an attacker, especially if lands on an immortal char. All mez should be for max 15 seconds. The following have been highlighted as much bigger issues: PvP is unbalanced, Apollo and Furvus are completely overpowered chars and counters are very poor and conceal / immortal removal rates are very low. Character targeting is poor, should be able to manually select targets so there’s significantly more skill involved and interrupts can be more strategic. Energy is an ongoing issue for all players and 90+% of gems are spent on energy. Max of 64 energy is also woeful, high level content gives you 8 goes every 4 hours (that’s with reduced energy recharge too). Early players have had a significant advantage over newer players which results in a very low uptake of new solid players. Older players had unlimited 10/60 energy for a long period, Furvus shards on banner were like 25 a step, now you get 60 shards a full banner rotation, so 2+ banners required. There are characters not in the standard pools for confinite making some chars completely unattainable which were easier to obtain prior to global release. Most games look to make older chars more attainable and introduce new content to push player uptake and continuity. Would also be good to know what the % rates are on different pulls for confinite. Lots of areas still not available, eg rift in guild, temperance, random dark building below arena, storyline, equipment “grant magic”, all of which are long overdue. Treasure rates in expedition are not 7.5% and the reliance on revenges for treasure is a broken mechanic which is used in events to gain high ranks with minimal spend. If this mechanic is not going to be resolved a limit on number of revenges / expedition deployments would help to reduce the abuse on this section of the game. Still lack of clarity in the game over what skills do, game mechanics, rewards etc most of which are all textual issues. Would be good to get the basics like this solid first. Also some sort of wiki with game logic so we can accurately discern what level of accuracy you need to hit a combo etc would be great.

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