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    1. Ask The Developers Question Thread!

      Having events that do not give shards to the participants after releasing seed shards was a gigantic troll move and a huge slap in the face to the already dwindling player base. Not to mention the fact that you take months to add characters to summonite and confinite, and when you finally do that it is usually random and only for a limited time. Or you put it in a banner event without any shards - also right after releasing seed shards. The direction you all have taken lately is a huge mistake. You will continue to ostracize the largest portion of your veteran populace - while simultaneously eliminating the ability for new players to ever catch up. So I guess my question to the devs would be what exactly are you thinking and why would you do this to the game, your players, and your own bottomline? I will no longer spend money after the travesty that was the Ophelia banner - and that was after refusing to spend money for 3 months after the energy crisis. What was the purpose and the thought process behind this? How many people even have Ophelia or Cassandra now? Did you want less than 1% of your players to have the best heroes?
    2. Ask The Developers Question Thread!

      I came here to make a post with some questions and suggestions and whatnot, but I read this - then realized...it says everything I was going to say and ask. It also says things I probably would not have said or asked, but I should have. So, basically, just read this. It reflects every veteran players thoughts on this game up to this point. We do not have enough equipment space, everything is buggy, the mechanics are flawed, you retool heroes unnecessarily, we need drop and RNG % disclosures as is mandated by both Google and Apple in the United States. I mean really this guy did a great job....just read this guy's post. Just wow.
    3. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 2 (6/27/19)

      Hi there PhoenisStrike of NoEnergy here. So, first of all, thanks very much for the improved loot. That was the biggest issue from the first iteration of Rift. Now, please please please make it a little bit easier to clear. A lot of people are quitting this game right now because it has become monotonous. You now made a mode that requires members to check in every few hours within a 24 hour period just to clear the Rift. We need it to either A) take less time to kill ie, make it clearable with fewer members because with your current gaming population it will never be clearable. B) give us more time to clear it and easier access to revives and essences without spending money. Sure I know it is a way to generate revenue, but right now we cannot get more than 30/50 members to even participate and that is despite the increased loot simply because they know we don't have the time with less than 40-45 members actively participating. I love the idea of having Level 4 and Level 5 waiting for us, but we should already be able to clear Level 3. We are far and away the number one guild in this game, and we can only get 3-4 seals down. I can only imagine what other guilds are struggling with at this juncture. Also, please make the relic and seal bosses stop randomly one shotting my 75k power level heroes. It is not logical. Some of them are WAYYYY to hard to cc and they enrage and one shot the best heroes in the game. That and the co-op is still buggy, are my only real issues now.
    4. Unofficial Feedback- Guild Bosses

      Totally agree with this post, and I have made a request for improved controls and logs several times in the past. Hopefully some improvements and changes are made to the guild dungeon boss system.
    5. Official Feedback Thread - Fate System

      I think the addition of the Fate system is great. It can make currently useless or less than ideal characters possibly viable. I also like that they are not easy to complete quests. I do, however, think that they need to be explained or worded better. Some of them perhaps need better translations and explanations on how to complete them. We have figured out some of them from trial and error. I would love to see more added in the future for heroes that are a little bit more competitive! I don't have any issues with this update at all aside from thinking a better explanation and description would be great.
    6. Official Feedback Thread - Universal Seeds

      I think this is a great addition to the game, but I felt that it was a slap in the face when it was released at the same time as a shardless Ophelia banner. Regardless of that, however, it should be a positive addition to the game in the long run.
    7. Official Feedback Thread - Ophelia Summons Event

      I think that making a hero only available on a banner and never adding them to the confinite or 10x gem summon pool is an enormous mistake. Some of these heroes have been out for months and are still not available in confinite pools. Additionally, the summonite rotation is HORRIBLE. It is the absolute worst thing about the randomness of this game. Fire Charlotte is crap, and the other units available in summonite are largely sub-optimal. Repeating the same banners over and over again is also a mistake. I spent over 6000 gems on this banner and did not receive a single Nat 5. The RNG is just absurd. Other people, I have spoken with received 2-3 Ophelias from 3000 gems. The shard system is much better because you will finally receive the hero after you make so many failed attempts. What is the point of releasing a hero if only a few people will ever get to use it. In the end, Ophelia isn't even that good and I feel like I made a mistake making such a deep push for her. However, I succumbed to the Pokemon mentality and just wanted to catch em all. I have made the decision to no longer make an attempt on shardless banners. I also think it was a little bit absurd to release Ophelia without shards in the same update that you released universal shards.
    8. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      I want to begin by saying I think Rift is an awesome addition to Aion, and I want to commend the development team on a job well done. That being said, as a part of NoEnergy, we approached Rift assuming we were well-prepared. Mainly because we have won every guild event since we began. However, we were sorely mistaken. We began Level 4 expecting a challenge, but instead, we had probably 4 or 5 members that could even clear a single square. So, we decided to take a step back and regroup. We ventured into Level 3 Rift only to discover that it too was beyond our reach. Level 2, on the other hand, is a joke. We can clear it with a dozen members in a few hours and 100% completion. The gap between Level 2 and 3 is just too much. We are the Number One guild in the game, and we cannot complete Level 3. This is a problem because Level 2 gives horrible gear. Nobody in this game even needs 4 or 5-star equipment, and that is what you get at Level 2. Here are some major issues and suggestions for Rift. Level 2 rewards are terrible. Loot below 6 stars should NOT be rewarded for Level 2 Rift. Make it green if you have to, but 6 star loot needs to be given at this level. The gap between Level 2 and 3 is just too much. Clearing Level 2 with 12 members in a few hours compared to not being able to complete Level 3 AT ALL is just ridiculous. Level 3 and probably 4 and 5 need scaled waayyy wayyy back. I do assume that this was created with an eye towards the future, and that possibly in a long time we will be in Level 5. But Level 3 is just too high of a gap from Level 2. Co-op battles are broken. They are a fun feature, and I love the idea. However, in co-op battles some people earn 0 points despite doing hundreds of bars in damage - which is not even recorded. Often, an entire team is wiped in co-op battles against a boss that cannot even take the team below 100% hp until they magically wipe everyone. This is definitely a bug, and it only seems to happen in co-op battles when you join after someone else has already started. Receiving 0 points and getting you team wiped is a pretty harsh penalty for a new game feature. Definitely needs re-worked. All kinds of bugs in co-op play. There needs to be a way to earn Essence and Vigor, I understand that it will likely be extremely limited, but it still needs to be an element of the gameboard. Some of these bosses just have entirely too much HP. The Seal Altars and Relics have more hp than Guild Dungeon B9 boss, and there are MULTIPLE of them. This is great, it is challenging, but it is simply too much. Getting disconnected from the fight results in death of all players. This is WAYYY too harsh. At the very maximum, the heroes should lose one fatigue. We need more time to fight these bosses. 3 minutes is not enough. Make it 5, reduce the health of the bosses, etc. Give more than 24 hours to complete if needed. The "Frenzy" function on some of the bosses is just too hard to counter. I have had heroes with high stacked combo accuracy miss MULTIPLE CC attempts and he would go frenzy and kill my hero. He even somehow one shots Apollo who is supposed to be IMMORTAL. This mode requires far too much coordination currently even for our guild which is definitely the most active guild in the game. We couldn't complete Level 3 without 90-95% active participation at the current level of difficulty. There is just too much to explore, too many bosses to take down, and the gear requirement is just too high right now. Perhaps making the map a little smaller, reducing health of bosses, and removing some of the features (bugs) like the auto-wipe, frenzy, and etc. would help to make this a lot more enjoyable. It should be challenging, but it should not be impossible. Overall, a great job on this mode of the game, and it is understandable that it would have some issues. Here are some of those that I have noticed, and that other people have brought to my attention. Thank you.
    9. Guild Battle Logs Are Essential

      In a previous patch, an integral part of the guild dungeon system was removed - the guild battle log. This has caused numerous guilds to suffer at the hands of several things including but not limited to ineptitude, illiteracy, and outright trolling. Because of this change, guild leaders cannot hold members accountable for their misdeeds, and we cannot help those that simply do not know better. As an example of how damaging this change was to guild dungeons - recently, it took 965 keys and multiple people putting in over 500million in total damage + bonus damage to bring down b9 Odium. It also took several people actively watching for P4 movement and phasing it back to P1 as soon as it hit P4. Despite our best efforts, and the best efforts of numerous other guilds and guild leaders in this game - nothing can be done about it. There is nothing that can be done on our part to rectify this, however, there is something that you (the development team) can do, and that is bring back guild battle logs. We have no way to see who healed the bosses, we cannot see how much actual damage was done, nor is it possible to even see who most recently attacked a boss. The removal of the guild battle logs has made the management and completion of guild dungeons an onerous task. Put simply, removing the guild battle log did nothing to benefit anyone. The community needs the guild battle log back. Not only does it need to be brought back, it needs to be brought back as quickly as possible. Additionally, it would be amazing if you guys could bolster it with some extras. Add some additional features like breakdowns of actual damage (done to boss) vs bonus damage (additional points earned for completing phase) vs healing (show us how much the boss was healed for please), etc. As well as placing a time stamp for member entry and exit (example: left B9 P4 at 3:07 battle timer). A more difficult dungeon monster B10 would be great as well because the B1-B8 dungeons just do not last very long for higher-end guilds, so we oftentimes find ourselves without any guild monsters to hit except for B9 (which usually has been healed to full by who knows whom). Basically, think of things that might make it easier to take down these bosses for some of the smaller guilds in this game so that they may progress. Currently, most guilds do not even attack B9 because there is no way to determine who is healing the boss. The same is the case even for B6 in some beginner guilds. This drastically reduces the ability for new members to progress within the game, and adds a level of difficulty that was probably not intended - that of guild micromanagement. Currently, several members of the larger and more successful guilds in the game have sworn off even using keys on B9 because there is no accountability in the guild dungeon. It has become a free-for-all on lower guild dungeons, and most guilds do not even attempt B9 any longer. If these things are done, you guarantee the players and the community a better gameplay experience in the guild dungeon mode. It will bring the members closer together, increase player morale, and decrease agitation with that aspect of the game. Basically, with this little addition, you make the game more enjoyable for everyone that plays it. Leaders do not have to micromanage their guild, and people can concentrate on other aspects of the game (like events for example) instead of worrying about who is going to heal Odium next.
    10. Mistery box reward

      This sucks, a lot of people have had this happen, unfortunately.
    11. Game feels amazing with the events

      I agree totally. However, they won't do that. They really just need to decrease energy costs or increase total energy capacity. 64 energy can be spent in 5 minutes without the half off event. I'd love to see them keep energy in the secret shop, but they have shown that they like to rotate the secret shop offerings (a good portion of the player base quit when they took it out of the secret shop last time). So, your best bet as long as this is the system they intend to utilize - will be to stockpile energy from SS until/when you really need it. I have given up trying to burn through all my energy and rely on regen because 64 energy is just not sufficient to do anything at all.
    12. No wings

      You will need to submit a ticket to the support team for this one.
    13. which support to pick

      Fire Myria for PvP probably, although Water Leah is overall the best healer in the game.
    14. Tower of Transcendence 93 Floor

      I can't really remember, but I think that is the one you need a Shaga for because he breaks out of stun, and stuns the boss.
    15. New coins?..

      Most likely will be available to spend and earn with the upcoming event. They were only available to earn for about 10 minutes the other day, and then they were not. This tells me that they were added to the game, and then turned off until the event begins. I'm not sure if it will be this equipment overdrive event, or if we are waiting on another one. They say graduation coins. So most likely they will fall during the period of time you would expect people to be graduating.

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