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  • 1. Lemay
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  • 3. Regis
  • 4. Furvus
    1. Game is no more compatible with my phone

      +1, game not compatible on 2 devices.. RIP
    2. Competitive Arena Conduct

      For the purpose of the "event" where 60k Points (160 wins) you have to make, it is zero fun to fight in top 50. Why? because everyone in TOP 50 has an Tartarus and/or an Candor (others were banned).... Every battle costs 3 minutes of your lifetime, because the massive tankines of Tanks and Gladiators in addition with an support like Charlotte raises the survivability of those heroes to a maxiumum..... It is much easier for the event to drop your defences and to drop to a "easy" lvl just to make the points in a battle which lasts 10 seconds... If there would be ANY BALANCE in the heroes and/or in the equipement, i believe the community would be much happier and no one would drop in ranks If You create an Event which makes possible to drop in PVP rank and to play the Event in "easy" mode, don't make players responsible for your own mismanagement. Editing a paragraph is not an optimisation of the game.
    3. State of the game notable quotables

      hi, absolutely agree with your thoughts, game is losing playerbase due to bad game politics. Just summing up: - Big Balnancing issues: OP Tanks and Gladiators. (plate armour gives too much HP, too much block). Nearly useless mages (no possibility to improve survivability of a mage, golden Y-Set is not availiable for intelligence heroes). Completely useless Ether-Robots... Those are the basic ones, there are still much more to say on individual heroes. - Big Performance issues: It supposed to be a mobile game... loading times for 10 seconds every minute is crazy... still no improvements - Microtransactions: 20,99€ for 600 green rift stones. It sounds like a bad joke to players. Getting 5* Shards for spending 400 gems was a good and fair offer, which gave a feeling of a good deal to players. But this offer was killed. - Rift is too exhausting in parallel to other events. Makes no fun and makes players lose encouragement to play - 100% Gambling. Many players who spent money left this game. They spent 30-50€ in gems trying to gamble their hero without a result. In a real world you can buy a full game title for 30€ and not only one hero.. Most of players are playing this game until something better comes online. that is how the community feels like.
    4. Weekly player report 9/3/19

      Great points in post 1, i feel the same way with heroic enchancement... i actually do not understand why heroics of lvl 2* monsters are less valuable for enhancement then a 4* or 5* heroic. You need 5x 2* heroics to reach the same enchancement value of a 4*.... It cannot be rigth.... With the current system the droprates of a 2* heroic and a 4* heroic are the same, but the value 500% more? gems spent were also doubled, so you need 2000 gems instead of 1000 gems for a +12 AND 10-20 other heroics?! It feels more and more pay2win
    5. Event bombardment...

      Hi friend, i think the events keep the active players busy, so they are happy.. More events = more rewads to earn. Actually the guild is pretty active and happy. tbh i like it more the way it is now then before Personally sometimes i play 30 mins/day, sometimes 6 hours/day. If i miss some points in any event i earn place 600 instead of place 100.. but i do not really care about it best regards
    6. Drop rate & inventory slots

      i agree with post no. 1 that the curent equipement drops are just frustrating, but i see the problem from another point of view: what is actually sad is the amount of "trash" Sets like: 8% physical penetration for intelligence equipment, 8% magic penetration Sets for strengh heroes... and so on. Developers please delete those Sets - your playersbase is not dumb enough to use those And on the other hand there are valuable Sets which are 100% unattainable: it is not possible to obtain 15% (golden Y) Sets for intelligence heroes. It is not possible to obtain 15% DOT Sets for agilty heroes (Regis). Developers - add those Sets, they are valuable Developers, if You want to a happier playersbase, please start finally work on the details. 90% of the issues Your players see are not answered, open questions thread (You opened) is ignored. Community Manager posting once a week a Post is not really much.
    7. Events suck

      I agree that the gear enchanting is completely pointless.. you need to upgrade tonns of equipement, just to become top 100.. i do not even use this equipement and sell it.. Also the level up event is completely boring... all high level players already have 20 - 30 maxed leveled heroes... Do i really need to eveolve Kiki to lvl 40 someday, just to do the event??
    8. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 2 (6/27/19)

      Ok i think i will start: First of all, great job increasing the rewads, it was important for the motivation of our guild to actually play the Rift actively.. Rift lvl 1 (20k rift): We did it over night, guild was really motivated, finished it like in 4 hours.. took one 6* golden item out of 8 chests.. it worked very well... was easy and fun Rift lvl 2 (120k rift): Well we are not the best guild, but we really cannot pass through a 113k "Sealed deadly Triroan" dark.. as i wrote in last review in last week troops just randomly die at this boss... Problem is actually that our Triroan has -90% physical DMG received too... so we all die like flies at this boss end everyone just deals 20-30 damage and everyone loses his troops.... How do we die??? i dont really know what is wrong with this boss... after 2 minutes of battle the Boss uses "deadly return," which you normally can conter with Lemay.. and few seconds later even after the conter from lemay the boss uses "Burrow Howl", a skill uninterruptible AND unavoidable... So maybe you can imagine what happens next.. you all die and you cannot ressurect the troops in this boss... Is there something else to say?? well yes, you need a stun hero, a hero against terror... there are not so many heroes with this abilities in this game... If the best stun and anti-terror troops die - well game over.... and well maybe you forgot the Boss has -90% physical damage received -.- This way we spend the first day of rift... We gladly enjoyed Rift lvl 1... We sucked hard in Rift lvl 2 only on ONE Boss which is completely unbalnced...
    9. Well mate, i can give you only my personal opinion on this. I do not agree with your point of view that someone or something destroyes guilds or take over its members. I know best players of the guild regulary receive messages from other Top 5 clans to join them... But actually maybe only 2 members did it actually in last 3 months... that does not hurt me at all.. i wish those players good luck Every member has his preferences and if he/she wants to spend much money in this game, of course he wants to play in the best guild and that is currently NoEnergy. So those are the members who have the right of free choice.... I played in Top 3 guilds. It was exhausting, frustrating and pushed to much above the time limits. So i said NO, i left this guild and started looking for something special.. actually what was fun to me.... I joined a Top 15 guild and stayed in this one until today. You must be wondering why i did like this. Well, this guild is special, because it consists of players who are of the same language and timezone. So it is much easier to communicate to coordinate and to filter out players. My personal fun level increased like 4-5 times since then.. because i am playing for fun not for a goal.... We have good attitude, strikt rules and it works perfectly... Im in Top 50 in PVP im in Top 50 in Tower... Actually i do not need to play in TOP 3 guild.... And thats how half of our Members in our guild feels like... They like the guild beacause it has more personality to them.... I do not want to insult you, but maybe you should start filter your own guild and try to make it special for the members... then you will be much happier within your own guild.. The activity level of the game has hugely increased with the Rift... Currently it is not possible to play Rift, PVP Event, Adventure or whatever at the same time.... and i think it is not the goal of the game to be the Best in everything.. maybe you can make preferences and focus and organize the guild in a better way..
    10. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      Today i had it: one Sealed Altar "Sealed Deadly Triroan" (dark) 86k Power in Rift lvl 2.. fought him 3 times without losses.. on 4th battle.. after the timer passed, so even 2 seconds later after the 3 minuted has passed, 4 of five heroes died without raeason... Played heroes: green Charlotte 40k (died), blue jorgen 60k (died), red Lemay 55k (died), red Adriel 60k (died), red Apollo 50k (survived) Developers please look through this sealed altar, what did cause death after the timer has passed?
    11. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      Yes this is really nasty.. too many Opponents have Damage reflexion, which is hidden somewhere in one of their skill.. or maybe even not shown.. i dont know.. The sad thing even if you have a monster which cancels damage Reflexion... it does not work. Regis cannot cancel Enemy healing in this Rift
    12. Official Feedback Thread - Ophelia Summons Event

      Ophelia Summon became a gambling Event.. If players do not get Ophelia Shards for 1 Try, they will not spent gems on this Event. In Your Shop offers you offer like 1000 gems for 30 €. I would be pissed off if i have spent the 30 € for nothing.
    13. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      Dear Developers, Additionally to my first post in this topic i would make some suggestions on the technical side for the Rift: 1. Could You please add some kind of coordinates for the RIFT Map.. It is pretty diffucult to explain which Boss you try to coordinate an attack on.. If there are a chessboard like coordinate A:1 - X:50 it would make a guildlife much easier. 2. Please make the Rewards more attractive to the Players.. If a Player spends 4-5 Hours a day for this Rift lvl 2 to Fight For the Chests you can Get like 4-5 Shiny Chests with rewards.. You open each Chest and get Maybe 4x 4* Gear and like 1x 5* gear, which you can immediately Sell for 4k gold. The Guild do not see the point in playing and trying hard for the Rift. 3. As it already mentioned above. A regular Guild can only play Rift lvl 2. Rift lvl 3 is Already impossible, even for Top players. Please balance the Difficulty of the Monsters. 4. There Are Many Monsters of the Map and half of them has a 60 Secons Mez Effect.. which is nearly with 100% accuracy and makes the Fun of the Rift pretty low... If You have to play three times vs a single 40k Statis Monster and has to lose 1-2 times to win (beacase you do not want to use your best 5 Character Team) The frustration Level becomes a greater Problem than the Fun for the Rift. Overall We played the Rift each day now... Every new day less players take part in the Rift and see currently no point in playing it.
    14. Official Feedback Thread - Fate System

      Dear Developers, I like the fate system, beacause it gives you an opportunity even to increase power at the maximum level. Problem is it is currenctly unbalanced. Apollo became more stronger than usual. It is nearly unbeatable just watch some battles of the top 10 in PVP playing apollo. Also the fact that you gave a buff to this hero insulted some older Players who desperately wish a rebalance of Apollo hero. One player in my guild uninstalled the game completely because of this fact. Now we have only 20 active players in the guild.. Suggestion: 1. To make the game more likeable you should rethink the +10% Accuracy Fate-Buff for Apollo.. It is a really really Big Improvement. If you look at the equipement: Accuracy is one of RAREST and smallest Buffs like 15% maximal for +15 Equipement. Attack for the +15 Equipement can be 25% maximal. In Comparison to the Equipement perks the Fate-Buff gives +10% Accuracy and an Other Fate Buff gives +3 to Attack. Do you see the difference?? Please make the Fate-Buffs more compareble to the Equipement Perks... So the Balance will not get out control. 2. What do you think of Fate System, where not all 6 Fates can be chosen, but only 2 and completely permanent for each Hero. In this Case Heros become more individual and players have to chose carefully what they pick as Fate-Buff for their beloved hero. Curretly you can go afk-farming to get all 6 perks and get all of them within a day or two. Best regards
    15. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      Dear Developers, It makes currently no sence especially for new players to fight in this Rift. You ask why? Because a player with 150k power cannot defeat any Boss completely, after the battle this Boss up to full health and the player lost all of his best troops. So the player did NOTHING no Damange, no points... The Rift is completely pointless from this point of view.. Please improve or save the damage dealt to the monster. It should be a coop-event, but currently all you can do is to fight the monsters only solo. The whole guild is completely dissapointed, only beacause of this issue. Good Graphics, good Idea but very bad implementation at this moment

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