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  • 1. Ren
    1. Patch Notes - October 16, 2019

      October 16th Patch Notes Improvements Significantly overhauled game functionality to move it from x86 architecture to a modern 64-bit client. Some older devices may be affected and unable to play without utilizing a 64-bit operating system. Performed a major overhaul to the First Time User Experience (FTUE): Drastically reduced download size which allows players to begin playing faster. Background download features to make early play more seamless. Story mission prologue removal, enabling free play much faster. Restructured cinematics to provide a more concise story message. Improved gameplay flow via faster displays in adventure, account leveling, and story mission initiation/completion. Removal of mandatory tutorials, with options to view them later if desired. Improvements to readability of many instructions and prompts. Other UI changes to improve new player comprehension. Added skippable cinematics. Rift engagement resources streamlined: Eustiel’s Grace removed, Rift Energy removed, and death/resurrection removed. Instead,additional stamina is lost upon death. Continuous Mode now features reduced load times by skipping the Character Selection screen Improved server-response speed for a number of areas, including social shop, friend profiles, social dungeons, and Tower. Rift now displays difficulty in the main scene. Players can no longer fail a heroic upgrade if they use gems; gem usage will require 20% of heroic upgrade to be filled. Optimized loading speed for Fortress/Battle. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug which was incorrectly triggering the ‘LCADVENTURE0007’ error Fixed an issue where using a scroll covers other scroll effects activated on a social dungeon Resolved an incorrect error pop-up on character selection. Fixed a localization issue for Gold in several languages Fixed an issue where players could not evolve a hero during discounted evolution cost events if they could not afford normal evolution cost Fixed an issue where Velvet’s divine power does not play the animation Fixed a skill description text bug with Tanku’s Divine Power Fixed an error where the achievement list was not properly showing for new players Fixed an issue where an error message is exposed when a hero uses a locked-hero in inventory for Synthesis material. Removed the ability to change the size of hero portraits on hero inventory and character selection screens to improve performance. Fixed an error of guild list showing and disappearing upon entering suggested guild screen Fixed an issue where Dark Regis was playable even when banned in arena Corrected an issue causing daily roulette to display improperly Fixed a bug where specific fate effects would not be applied despite fate requirements of the codex being met
    2. Patch Notes - October 2, 2019

      October 2nd Patch Notes Patch Notes - August 22nd Features New hero, Koyuki joins the game! Candor, Leah, Nora, Luna, Strondheim, and Leo now have Fate Quests. Additions Added Ophelia to Gem Summon Pool and to all types of confinites. Bug Fixes Fixed "resurrection block function" spell not applicable when enemies are killed with Nora's Counter Skill. Fixed text in various pop-up windows and stat screens. PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527
    3. Hey everyone! Great news – you have a new Community Manager! I know it’s taken a while…but I’ve been very picky and only the BEST for you (and I sincerely mean that). Please join me in welcoming Kibbelz to Aion: Legions of War! Kibbelz comes to us most recently from Blizzard where he conducted Community Relations and Esports (he has a long and very impressive livestreaming/casting background). While interviewing for a new Community Manager, it was important to me to hire someone who was as into the game as you are. So, I made sure every potential candidate played the game first to make sure it was something he or she could be passionate about. By the time Kibbelz went through the interview gambit, he was lvl. 35 and blew everyone here away with his personality and enthusiasm. So, while technically still a newb (especially compared you veterans out there), he’s already jumping in head first and I have no doubt will be up to speed in no time! Most importantly, he’ll be able to devote the time and attention to you that you really deserve. I have so enjoyed getting to know a lot of you over the past couple+ months…and I’ll be around and pop in here and there (how could I not?)…but I really want Kibbelz to do his thing and feel like this is HIS community, so I’ll primarily be going back to my behind-the-scenes “manager-type” responsibilities. Kibbelz will definitely be your guy, but I’m always here for you should you need me. Welcome Kibbelz, we’re all so glad to have you! -EMpulse
    4. Patch Notes July 9th, 2019

      July 9th Patch notes The issue with Dark Odium’s heroic equipment acquisition path showing wrong information in Guild Dungeon B6 has been fixed. Added contents for the Allegiance Week Event Furvus is now available in Rare\Element\Legendary Confinite pools. Light Charlotte has been removed from Light\Dark summoning pool, similar to Dark Regis, as synthesis heroes were not intended to be included in this pool.
    5. Patch Notes July 2, 2019

      July 2nd Patch Notes Fate System Six new heroes (Akashan, Umbaca, Mumuding, Kiki, Umbera, and Adriel) now have Fate Quests available! Heroes Blair Blair’s (all elements) skill “Rune Character” has changed its target from enemy to ally. Blair’s “Rune Character” skill now has an added function of HP recovery for allies. Skillups of “Rune Character” now increase HP recovery Water/Light/Dark Blair’s skill “Insignia of Life” has changed its usage condition from when an ally is inflicted with knockdown to when an enemy appears during battle. Water/Light/Dark Blair’s “Insignia of Life” now reduces all damage taken by 80% for 10 seconds as a one time function. The name of Blair’s (all elements) DP skill has been changed to “Divine Rage.” Blair’s (all elements) “Divine Rage” now has an effect where it deals MAG damage to all enemies and HP recovery for all allies. The effects scale with the number of dead allies. Cassandra Cassandra can now protect allies and remove a concealment effect from an enemy. Leah Fixed bugs associated with Leah’s skills and tooltips.
    6. Ever wish you could ask the creators of Aion: Legions of War a question about the game? Well, here's your chance! Ask about the art, the development process, the designing of Heroes - anything that interests. you...and each week the Devs will pick a handful of them to answer! This thread will be ongoing and is for questions ONLY - anything not in question form will be removed. You can ask as many questions as you want but there's only one rule...BE RESPECTFUL. Inappropriateness will be dealt with accordingly. The Development Team is excited to see what you want to know! So what are you waiting for? Ask away!
    7. Rift has re-opened for your gaming pleasure! This is version 2 and we still very much need your feedback so that we can improve the Rift experience for you each time! All comments are welcome, as long as they are CONSTRUCTIVE in nature - meaning, if you are upset and don't like something, you stay level-headed and explain WHY instead of flying off the handle, calling names or using expletives. Per usual, this feedback will go straight back to the Developers. Thanks again for providing your feedback! -EMpulse
    8. Patch Notes June 27, 2019

      June 27th Patch Notes RIFT Updates Improved Rift Clear and Heavenly Relic rewards Reduced “Unable to Resurrect” areas in Rift Easy (1): No Resurrection Restriction Normal (2): 1/6th Map Resurrection Restriction Hard (3): ½ Map Resurrection Restriction Expert (4): Full Resurrection Restriction – No Change Hell (5): Full Resurrection Restriction – No change Changed Rift normal areas and Energy area to Co-Op battle areas Boss’ HP is saved to allow full member contribution Improved the visual distinction between a “cleared” and “not cleared” Rift area Rebalanced Rift Difficulty Slightly lowered the power level for Expert ~ HELL which was too high Slightly raised the NORMAL difficulty Rewards were increased to compensate Slightly adjusted the number of battles based on Rift Storm #1 data: Initial design was tuned towards 40~45 guild member participation Reduced to 30-35 guild member participation Adjusted Relic/Seal Altar/Boss HP multiplier to achieve this Reduced Rift Energy recharge time from 30 minutes down to 10 minutes Added Rift exclusive login attendance event Added new Rift item offers Improved various Rift map effects Improvements & Bug Fixes The Summonite hero rotation has been updated: Ophelia & other recently released heroes have been added for specific weeks to come Ophelia loading screen text error fixed Added additional heroes to Gem Summon! Water/Fire Candor Fire/Water/Wood Furvus Fire/Water/Wood Luna Wood Bloodfang Various other 3-star & 4-star heroes Added New Daily Summonite Offer Fixed incorrect equipment types dropping in Shrine of the Abyss B9. Fixed event points not being rewarded from shard acquisition in Shaga’s corridor during the ‘Rush Through The Hero Corridor’ event. Fixed Tanku bug causing his Special Skill of all elements to be ‘unavoidable’. Some heroic gear that was displaying incorrect stat or set information is now displaying correctly.
    9. Greetings from the Aion: Legions of War Development Team! First of all, we would like to thank all of you for playing and sharing great feedback on the new Rift feature. Your enthusiasm exceeded our expectations, and we’ve received a lot of constructive and helpful information from you. We will continue to improve Rift based on the feedback you provided, so that you have a better time playing it each time. Rift is being re-opened for your enjoyment this Thursday, June 27th! We wanted to share with you what we’ve already changed and what we are planning for future versions. New Changes! Improvements on Battle Balance and Rewards We designed Rift as high-level end content and made it challenging for a reason. We wanted to make sure that you would feel a great sense of accomplishment when you finally defeated it. However, we received considerable feedback that the rewards for lower stages of Rift were not attractive enough. We took this under consideration and as a result, decided to raise the reward level for all Rift difficulty levels. We also heard your concerns regarding the balance of the difficulty levels themselves. This will also be addressed by adjusting the overall difficulty levels so that they match the reward level. Change All Areas in Co-Op Mode Your feedback told us that it was confusing when the attacks on the normal, non-boss nodes were not shared between players. To enforce the feeling of playing together, we extended the Co-Op battle rule so that damage to bosses is stacked in all Rift nodes, not just nodes with strong bosses. Coming Soon! Simplification of Rules and Resources We understand that there are too many types of resources used in Rift and are preparing to simplify the rules and resources. Rift Energy is being highly scrutinized and may be removed or replaced with a different resource. Areas that restored Rift Energy will also change to areas that offer Vigor Essence. Last but not least, we are also planning on simplifying the rule on the number of battles for each hero, which was divided into exhaustion and death (Vigor Essence and Eustiel’s Grace). Since these changes are a larger task, they will take a little time, but we will let you know when they are officially implemented. Please Continue To Provide Us Valuable Feedback! Following these changes, we hope you have even more fun playing Rift and we always welcome your feedback. We definitely want to hear more from you, and will do our best to take that feedback and use it for the betterment of the game. Thank you for your continued support of Aion: Legions of War! Best regards, The Aion: Legions of War Development Team
    10. Hello Commanders! In the spirit of keeping communication going between you and ourselves, we wanted to provide another update regarding our development focuses in the short-term. RIFTWe hope you are enjoying the new content we have recently introduced into the game, especially Rift. Thank you very much for the feedback you are providing and we hope you continue to do so in the Official Rift Feedback Thread located in the General Discussion section of this forum. We want you to know that we are already hard at work on improvementInsert existing attachments based on your feedback! HACKING/CHEATING We are aware that some players are cheating in the game. We understand how unfair this is to those of you who are playing the game as intended, so we are working diligently to address this issue and our hope is that you will see this problem getting better very soon. We are 100% committed to getting this resolved as soon as possible. HEALER CHANGES (Leah/Blair) You may have noticed that in our last patch (June 18), we made some changes to Leah. Currently, the basic skills of healers aren’t as effective as they could be. Our first goal is to increase healer durability with the repeated use of a basic skill. The basic skill of healers will provide small amounts of healing, and if the HP of the healing targets are full, the basic skill will change to buffing allies. This will enforce the importance of having a healer in a party. The next healer that will receive changes is Blair and her improvements are more in-depth. We plan on implementing some things that will make her a game changer. She will provide improved protection against hidden heroes in the Arena, and also when additional enemies appear in other modes. Blair’s DP skill will also change, in a manner similar to Ophelia’s skill, where the damage increases in proportion to the number of allies defeated. This will allow Blair to turn the tables on her enemies. These are just some of the current changes we are making as we continue to monitor Hero usage in the Arena and other areas. We plan to consistently improve each class and also add new heroes along the way. As we continue to do this, as always, we greatly appreciate your feedback. More updates coming soon! Sincerely, The AION: Legions of War Development Team
    11. Patch Notes June 18, 2019

      June 18th Patch Notes Leah: Improved Special Skill “Healing Light” of Leah (All): Added 'increase PHY DEF rate' function Decreased HP recovery amount This recovery amount was added to her Basic Skill for more consistent healing Removed ‘increase ATK’ function from Leah’s (Fire) 'Healing Light' skill Added recover DP feature Improved & Changed Basic Skill “'Flash Strike” to “Healing Prayer”: Changed the target of the skill from enemies to allies Added HP recovery to 'Healing Prayer' Attacks enemy if no allies alive Added new 'Embrace' effect when target is at max HP Embrace: Stacks up to 3 time(s), damage taken -10% per stack Improved Condition Skill “Shining Luster” of Leah (Light): Added 'Final Light' feature to final skill level up effect Final Light: When caster dies, resurrects allies every 2 seconds before dying Improved Condition Skill “Heavenly Gift” of Leah (Dark): Now functions same as Leah (Water) When the caster dies, resurrects self and Divine Power +30% Bugs/Issues Tower of Transcendence - Fixed a description issue for “Barrier” of Megarachne in Floor 105. Fixed the skill up effect text for Astria’s Basic Skill showing as <Empty>
    12. The game's new Fate System allows you to upgrade your heroes with permanent buffs by unlocking a new progression path through various quests. Please provide us feedback on this feature!! All comments are welcome, as long as they are CONSTRUCTIVE in nature - meaning, if you are upset and don't like something, you stay level-headed and explain WHY instead of flying off the handle, calling names or using expletives. This feedback will go straight back to the Developers. Thanks everyone! -EMpulse
    13. Universal Seeds have arrived to help assist you in completing your unfinished Heroes! We'd like feedback on this new addition to the game, so please tell us what you think! All comments are welcome, as long as they are CONSTRUCTIVE in nature - meaning, if you are upset and don't like something, you stay level-headed and explain WHY instead of flying off the handle, calling names or using expletives. This feedback will go straight back to the Developers. Thanks everyone! -EMpulse
    14. Rift is only available for a week this first time around, so we need as much feedback as you can possibly give us! The goal is that every time Rift is opened, it's a better experience for you! All comments are welcome, as long as they are CONSTRUCTIVE in nature - meaning, if you are upset and don't like something, you stay level-headed and explain WHY instead of flying off the handle, calling names or using expletives. This feedback will go straight back to the Developers. Thanks everyone! -EMpulse
    15. Greetings! Please use this forum thread for any feedback you have regarding the Ophelia Summons Event. All comments are welcome, as long as they are CONSTRUCTIVE in nature - meaning, if you are upset and don't like something, you stay level-headed and explain WHY instead of flying off the handle, calling names or using expletives. This feedback will go straight back to the Developers. Thanks everyone! -EMpulse

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