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  • 1. Jorgen
  • 2. Dreadnought
  • 3. Codelia
  • 4. Gullin
    1. Preado Leader buff is gliched

      It only applies in Adventure, so if you’re talking about his buff anywhere else it wont work.
    2. Can you increase the hero shards from the banner? 20,000 gems to get 75 shards is way too expensive. And maybe add some shards to the event for that hero? Only top 5 get the hero, and every other rank gets nothing, that’s poor incentive to reach for high rank unless you know you can get top 5.
    3. Rétention set

      It should say retention in the name of the equipment, its the gold symbol that looks like sum, you get it from Razorclaw Shrine dungeon. I don’t know the quests, it might ask for 4 set?
    4. B7 fang fortress is broken

      He’s immune to physical damage, gotta use magic DPS
    5. Tower loot 105F

      Repeat kills has a chance to drop the heroic
    6. Ask The Developers Question Thread!

      Any chance of introducing Chanters into the game? They are my favourite class I’ve ever played in any RPG.
    7. Mez Changes First Look (Feedback Wanted!)

      I think I understand these changes, but you will have to give more information on other aspects of Mez; -What changes are planned for the healers that remove Mez? Some of the 4 or 5 star healers have Aftereffect immunity when Mez is removed, but since you're removing the aftereffects will this be changed to something different on their skills? -What will increase the chance of Mez landing? Are you introducing Mez Accuracy sets? Is it just based on regular Accuracy? Mez Accuracy does exist as a stat, but I haven't seen anything that can increase this. -Is Mez going to be available to use in PvE content? While it's great that the team is working on changes, I feel there should be other priorities as others have mentioned. -ENERGY. We need energy to play the game. 64 energy is enough for me to run 8 dungeons blitz, which takes about 1 minute then I'm out of energy. With no energy available in secret shops, I'll look for 25 energy for 10 gems in shugo shop. If its not there, I'm not going to pay 30 gems for another 8 dungeon runs. Based off the cheapest gem pack 80 gems is $AUD7.99, those 8 runs would cost me $3 for 1 minute of game time, maybe 10 minutes if I'm out of blitz attempts. Do you really think players will pay $18 (14 if selecting the next package) to play for an hour? Online PC MMO subscriptions are around $15 for the MONTH. Not 1 HOUR. -Game Stability. The game crashes very often for me. I have reported it many times to support to let them know there are issues, but they just tell me to uninstall and reinstall the game. This doesn't fix my issues. The game often crashes when I enter PvP while on the loading screen, when I open the game again I've lost my Valor and lost the battle. I also get crashes when enhancing equipment which I can check if it succeeded when re-opening the game, summoning heroes, and just playing dungeons or adventure. Basically my game can crash at anytime. -PvP Balancing. Apollo. He is the main issue right now, I don't think you need me to go into details on him. I know you're working on Lemay's removal of immortal, but if she can't survive a hit from Apollo there is no point in taking her. Her defence is too soft to survive, probably same issue with Asylla. Sorcerers don't have good defence. Your other immortal removal heroes are Velvet and Fervus. Not many options to remove Immortality when almost everyone in arena has 1 or 2 Apollos and Shaga.
    8. Hidden characters....

      Hidden characters are always part of the arena. You can have one too. Place your 4 heroes for initial combat, then place a 5th to come out once one of your heroes die. You cant tell what others have hidden, so you can’t really plan exactly for what they have there unless you’ve fought them before to find out.
    9. Question about enchanting

      +16 and +17 is random chance to crit when at the higher levels, if you get to +15 you cant enhance anymore
    10. equipment type help

      In order of quality, white, green, blue, gold and purple (legendary gear for a specific hero).
    11. Equipment space warning in blitz

      I think we need a warning before we attemp to blitz dungeons if we don’t have enough equipment slots left to get a piece of gear from each blitz. If I try to do 5 blitz and only have 3 spaces, I need a warning before hand, rather than only get 3 bits of equipment. I just ran 45 blitz and received about 5 pieces of equipment.
    12. Dungeon: shadow B7 help please

      Lemay hero is good for removing immortal.
    13. Arena Rewards

      Arena rewards need fixing. Players with 1700 points at the end of the season get 300 gems and 210 honor coins, players with 1700 points and placing between rank 100 and 11 get more (320 gems and 220 honor, up to 500 gems and 310 honor), but then if your have 1700 points in top rank 10 you only get the 300 and 210 because for top 10 rewards you need 1800 points. So if players with 1700 points finished in top 10 and 100, the player that ranked 100 would get more points than 10. I think the top 10 rewards should be reduced to 1700 points to match the lower rank rewards.

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