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    1. Mez Changes First Look (Feedback Wanted!)

      As i said many times and i will say it once more.... these changes are not so bad but they are minor to what must be done... if you increase the effect of mez make sure that the healers can handle most of them or they are useless... But this game needs many more pvp modes - in all other games you see at least 3 or 4 pvp types etc (just see them and copy them !!!) Also needs the item refine to become change of substats since after huge effort new players get a singe good item (orange) and its crap stats imagine the feeling it makes you wana leave the game really... not to mention that the boxes might give blue items or with thestat you dont want even though you paid money for them ... Moreover since you open boxes with random char colors make it that we can change the color afterwards with a process even big one... i bought apollo box anf got a blue one which was the only one i didnt want... so you leave the game or not? Check other games (i wont say names here) like yours and copy other pve modes as well like gold farming or awakening stone farming - ofc increase energy pool so we can do all that if you put it.... Finally , in general, give so that you can harvest later which means invest more in the games features and make it more complete and players will come or else it will be a grab and die thing like many other games . The reason i came here was also the aion name which guarantees a full and long living game so do it you have a nice engine build on it and just make it huge
    2. update sucks!!

      yes for the energy i will agree and they should re-put it in secret shop the chars updates were not that important but the free video at the general shop i liked it as an idea its free stuff...
    3. Are you trying to kill the game?

      for the energy part yes i agree its ridiculous... the ui bug has never happened to me... the video is nice for me since i am active so ....active players always have some benefits its logical and this is a mobile phone game instead i would say about the imbalance of some chars and how hard it is to get them and also about the lack of end game which i mention on my other post that can kill a game
    4. which support to pick

      so i got all the good support chars... blue leah, green velvet, light absalom, green charlotte , red myria (yes the new one) which one would you chose for pvp team and why? ps i agree with the guys saying about same sidekicks and furvus being op...
    5. opinion on...alts

      i am still to chose for a good pvp team considering i dont have odium or furvus or good jorgen (i have green) or a good codelia (also green only) i have a nice milla but i wanted your opinion on shaga (blue or green ) or kaiman blue are they worth it and why dont i see them on top teams? also why is everyone high on blue leah while mine always dies and then dies again?
    6. ideas to make it a great game

      ok guys so i have played this game maybe more than any other even though i began 2 months ago (meaning hours per day) pros : great graphics, nice combat system, nice level up of heroes - items, many features (but...), good solo pvp (so far) cons : lack of open world area (big issue) , energy problem (low pool) , balance issues( look at furvus etc) , lack of much end game content ( common issue for many games) , lack of mass pvp - coop... some ideas would be : - make a place where ppl walk around and display heroes even chat (like other similar games did) imagine that there are games with a huge world to run around , here the whole world is the same arena with other colors... or ven do other things like put the shops there - fish etc - bring a lot of end game like mass pvp - guild pvp (where for example each person choses only a hero etc) or even many heroes toghether like lineage games (yeah i hate to say it but many ideas are from there) , also put blitz at the adventure areas as well - fix balance either by rework of skills but i have a better idea to make money also = make it possible that we can change the color of a hero we got from green to red etc with some process even gems cause its annoying to get a 5 -star hero after huge effort and he is useless because of color - the events that you get a hero with gems are very costly now and unfair that some ppl had the chance to get for example furvus while new players a support hero...make it that they chose which legendary hero to invest on (with gems or farm) or else you will suffer from the BIG issue of old players being much stronger than new ones and the game will die! i am open to other ideas as well and would like to hear your opinions in order to make this game last longer or it will be a pitty that the good things of this game will go to a waste...

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