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Legion Level


Main Hero


Adventure Progress

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Arena Record

38W - 28L

Arena Win Streak


Defense Record

0W - 11L


Most Used Heroes

  • 1. Apollo
  • 2. Leah
  • 3. Asylla
  • 4. Mumuding
    1. Pheonixflame

      Pheonixflame USA guild looking for a few more heavy hitters and active players. We are under new guild leadership and trying to weed out the inactives. Jump in and show us what you got.
    2. Dots more dots

      Just have a question about DOTS. If I have 2 gunners that both stack the same DOTS is this gimping my damage or does it just add more of the same damage ?
    3. Water asylla remove immortality

      Prob because he one shots you before you can use it lol
    4. 6 star

      Anyway to get your materials back from 6 star hero’s you don’t use ?
    5. Talent

      How important is talent ? I noticed lower talent hero’s can skill up way easier since they drop more from summons. A rare talent 10 would take a very long time to skill up. So is it better to maybe evolve the lower talent / more common hero’s ? I want a strong team and I’m using all rares I evolved to 6 star and they are descent but I still feel they could be better. whats your take on the importance of talent? Is it a big deal or no?
    6. Mystery Scam Chest

      Do not fall for this scam! It says available heroic gear and shows some really good and useful weapons . When you send 1k gems you will get a heroic gear piece that isn’t on the list and will be for a character you would never even dream of using for your main group. 1k gems could fuel energy for you for days and you would be able to obtain way more items way more useful things. Do not fall for this scam . It’s misleading and just taking everyone’s hard earned gems in exchange for nothing in return.
    7. Mistery box reward

      Same thing here . They show a list of awesome weapons you need then give you something stupid. I got some shitty bracers for a talent 3 songweaver. 1k gems gone for nothing . This is exactly why I will never spend real money on this game . It’s designed to scam you .
    8. Gems

      I have been using my gems for summons and was thinking today should I be using them for energy ? Thought of this because I can use the energy to farm confinite. What’s your thoughts on this ?
    9. Codellia

      Why am I not able to use my 5 star Codellia to evolve another 5 star hero to a 6 star? She is marked unprotected but won’t show on the evolve list . She is the only one that doesn’t show from the 5 that I have to evolve. Any ideas ?

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