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  • 1. Bloodfang
  • 2. Furvus
  • 3. Jorgen
  • 4. Leah
    1. Feedback on recent update

      It really saddens me that emulator support has been removed for unknown reason. I'm one of the players who is not willing to sacrifice his phone just to be able to play Legions of War and it's the only mobile game I play. I felt that I was forced to switch to my phone after discontinuation of emulator support just to play this game and only to witness that my battery has started to drain faster after I kept recharging it. I had to keep recharging it which I'm not used to do that at work and I don't play at work either. The devs should have respected the choice of those who only want to play android emulators. I honestly have no other option but to quit the game for good. I don't want to keep changing my phone every set of months just because a demanding game Legions of War requires phone with battery recharged all time. I'm seriously thinking about quitting the game if the issue isn't resolved by the end of October 2019.
    2. [Suggestion] Overhauling Hero Acquisition and Development System

      I'll try to make it simple and clear. Heroes can be customized in two ways. Element and Skills. Element greatly increases strength against the opposing element. But to choose the element we need for a hero, we first need to unlock it by getting materials from various game contents e.g. Elemental dungeons. As for skills, we simply need to get skill experience points that we can also get from clearing various game contents. Players can then learn new skills and upgrade their potency and choose the element they unlock and the skill set up they want to use according to the enemy they face, be it PvP or PvE. Cash Shop is an alternative way to speed up hero upgrading by adding items ( e.g. scrolls) that increase drop rate of upgrade materials and skill experience points.
    3. [Suggestion] Overhauling Hero Acquisition and Development System

      I'm not against elements system and that something I maintained in my original post. The issue is more about using the right hero. Also, with the idea I presented, it does actually promotes farming to unlock other variants as known as elements. I know NC bases its profits from hero gacha which I don't think it will be an issue as they can add hero development materials. If you have checked games like Elchronicle and King's Raid, you'd find them more more popular because getting heroes doesn't involve RNG but you need to have different heroes because each have their own cons and pros. I like Legions of War not because I'm a fan of Aion which I never played it actually. I prefer over the other 2 games I mentioned for it's console style graphics and camera close up and most importantly realistic character models. That's why I need it to be successful and more popular and appealing to many mobile gamers.
    4. The most annoying part of this beautiful game is the need to have the right hero for the right task. And it doesn't happen without getting involved with RNG. If I'd be asked for overhauling the game, the first thing I'd think of is unifying all alternative versions of a hero into a single hero. And here, the player has to work on unlocking all other variants. Elements have more significance in playing against other opposing elements. However, some variants have skills that we wished we had them for another elemental hero. If they add the ability to customize hero's abilities, it'll make the game even more reliant on strategic build rather than 'best elemental hero' meta build. To sum up, we need a different hero development system for heroes that a player can freely choose how to branch out and customize with all the hero selection we have.

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