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    1. The team single-handedly kicked many of their loyal players, so I was forced by the team to stop playing. I asked it from the first post I ever made on this forum, "Why does NCSOFT try so hard to not allow players to play their game?" I saw this mentality from the way you handled energy, and it has persisted through your decisions. I would tell your devs to contact BlueStacks EAP and work with them to stabilize your game on their 64bit platform. For it literally can't run while other games run seamlessly on the new platform. You lost a chunk of your emulator players. I somehow came on this forum today as I type something in my URL, and saw the forums URL in my cache list. I see nothing much has changed.
    2. This app is no longer compatible with your device

      Yeah, I can no longer update as well, so I guess NC is telling us to move on. I am playing Heir of Light as of now, and so far enjoying it. So until they fix their compatibility issue, I will not be online.
    3. Competitive Arena Conduct

      Interesting, NCSOFT, I would not even say anything about lowering scores, for right now its the only way I can possibly get back to Platinum to farm points. Why would one want to go back to platinum? Well simply put, all the players above that height seemed to have all lucked out on Odium. When he drops out of hidden guess what he disables a key game functionality called HIDDEN. Your team is wiped immediately if you don't have an immortal. Now there is a strategy to deal with him, for example, my Furvus (blocked), My Apollo (blocked), My Light and Water Leah(blocked), my Viper well-timed divine, yup blocked. 3/4 of the strats to stop that Overcharged hero with silence, stun, AOE all in one package monster (blocked). Yet he runs around and I bet if you check the stats of terrible wipes and murders. The number one culprit is ODIUM. So why would anyone not want to lower their team to have a fighting chance in the lower ends? HIDDEN is none functional against one hit wipes, and unless you have an immortal hero its game over. So now my hero tab is full of upcoming people I am trying to level due to all my main PVP heroes blocked all at once.
    4. Evade decreasing as you level up is really sketchy, and the logic you gave seems valid, but it just seems iffy that it would decrease. Why would the system assume I am already fighting an enemy of the same level? Why does it not just scale naturally depending on the enemy? This is a small issue compared to other issues the game has. Heroic gear and all other gear should have same 100% mechanics up to +3. The system also needs a better percentage than 20% as rubies are already stretched thin due to buying energy constantly. Aether is also a rare currency and is always in a state of need due to the failure rate. I once thought failure stacks would save the gear enhancement, but I think that an increase from 20% at level 1-6 is needed for a better experience. We understand you want players to buy rubies for money, but due to it being a currency that is used so often it's not worth it. PVP ban of all elements, I don't mind but still think bans is a temporary fix for unbalanced hero playstyle. Inventory space is definitely an issue for RIFT is now causing players to gear up more heroes than ever before. As such a wide amount of gears is needed to try and test, so we can create the best teams possible.
    5. Increase Limit for Eustiel's grace please.

      I agree with this post, and it makes strategic gameplay in Rift dead. For example, Vigor is the most needed resource now, and grace is barely used, for fear of using it up. If the pool of grace was more, one could strategically kill off a few heroes to save vigor and use grace instead. However, once again we find ourselves in the same issue the main game has with energy, dependent like a drug on a single resource called vigor. it throws strategy out the window. Other thoughts: Other really bad decisions I see are putting grace in the PVP store for a Guild Rift event. Some players don't PVP. So why not put it in the Guild shop where it makes sense? Is it not a Guild event? I don't get it. Vigor is the most needed resource along with grace which is limited, and they both are placed in a way to make getting them a pain. A single vigor drop in adventure, limited grace in PVP store, and constant Rift energy which is so not needed in the abundance it is given out. I wonder if NCSOFT is playing the game to feel the effects of the focus.
    6. How are you guys beating Apollo

      Other methods to quiet Apollo: 1) Silence his ass with Milla, Codelia, Furvus, Cassius and he won't spin. Time it as soon as he hits 1 HP. 2. Do Tanku's Divine when he hits 1 HP, you guessed it, it will silence his ass. So basically just silence him, especially when you have no one to remove immortality. it must be timed right so no auto PVP just slow down the match and manual it.
    7. I somewhat get your idea but think it needs to be ironed out a bit more to seem lucrative to the overall experience. For example, I pull a Light Viper, but he is useless in PVP, for Water has confused and also Sp block and SP slow. Yet light has good damage, but quite frankly would make a better compliment to my Light-based team. If I could say take the move from Water Viper by combining him with Light and choosing what stays and what goes I would have an awesome Light Viper. it would increase the dynamics of combat exponentially in PVP and also help in PVE content. I can see what you're saying in that light, so correct me if I am wrong.
    8. A draw is not a defeat

      Exactly my point, losing due to crashes or time out is just lazy coding.
    9. Good day, NCSOFT, Many players would love to support this project, but the items advertised are just too perishable to be worth it. Value for money is measured on the length of time a bought object is enjoyed. You tried skins in the past, but you locked them behind a ludicrous cash price which is not worth it. Simply put 2000 gems are in essence $100US. Why would you think that people will spend so much on skins? A full triple AAA game can cost 60US, but let's ignore that a triple AAA game costs that. If you really wanted people to buy skins in abundance sell them for $5-15US and no more, and then release some elite versions for $15-30US. So $5 bucks could get you the weapon, 5 bucks gets you the clothes, and 5 bucks get you glowing effect on your hero. Elite versions simply multiply by 2. SO the set would come to 15US regular cool skins and then elite skins maximum 30US, where a new weapon skin and hero skin and glow effect like fire on the sword or while they walk leave something on the floor, permanent wings, and flowers below their feet. Whatever it may be people would flock to those prices. Then simply leave the skin shop open forever so those with a lower budget can buy one piece over time. So simply put release skin sets but sell them separately, and then offer a discount or bonus item to buy them as a set. It's time NCSOFT created value for money, for quite frankly what you sell now is not worth it. Once bought they vanish with little to no gain on your gameplay, for quite frankly your own RNG is crucifying the things you pay for at the moment.
    10. Good day, NCSOFT, So far I have seen great efforts by the company to put seeds into the game, and my wife was lucky enough to pull 110 creation seeds from guild gifts. However, her furvus shards are not up to 75 and she has enough seeds to summon him. I think many people will have less than 75, so that will make summoning that hero impossible. The fact he is now in the pool as well, and other heroes will hit the pool it makes sense to lower that cap to roughly 25 as that is the most people might get from an event or even lower to the bare minimum shards you handout during an event.
    11. A draw is not a defeat

      However, this is not a war between countries and or protecting anything, but a war of skill between two individuals trying to earn points. In a contest of skill, the team with most resources would logically win if time was not a factor. Not one war fought in history that was timed went well, for example when the US claimed sections of Mexico. They thought it was a one-week thing but stretched out, and think about their invasion into Korea same principle. So time-based combat cannot be compared to operations that take months or years. If so the best option would be to remove time from PVP, so the battle reaches its very end. So the fairest route would be the person with the greater resources which are heroes.
    12. A draw is not a defeat

      Good day NCSOFT, I notice that if for instance a Furvus vanishes and nothing to reveal him and time is up. You automatically lose, and quite frankly that is just lazy coding. Firstly, the amount of HP and characters should be tallied and that is the winning team. So if one is left on the other team and two is left on the other. Two is greater so they win, but if one is left on both the highest HP wins. I know some toons may have tonnes of HP but that is just a piece of given equipment. So since that is an in-game option to stack HP it is fair. But seriously it's time to make PVP fair by awarding someones hard work that lasts to the end of the time.
    13. Multi million points in Event

      I have seen players with millions of aether waiting on the event to spam heroics. it takes time, patience and experience to gather all those resources. I am still not that patient, but it is doable.
    14. For the sake of convenience

      this needs a vote up
    15. equipment locking

      Gear Locking - Saves you from Bundle selling your gear you want to keep, and makes bundle selling so much easier. if gear helped in making other gears proc then life would be easier. Fail Stacks - Chance on gear proccing is so low that it needs fail stacks, this will allow you to plan strategically how to spend your money wisely. Reforging- should simply be a mechanic of the game and not a cash shop item. I am honestly not impressed with NCSOFT's methods. They fail to see the simply QOL but implement seamlessly underhanded monetary practices. The fact that Gear Locking was suggested so long ago, shows the nonchalant character of this company.

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