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  • 4. Bloodfang

      Most of us noticed the missing holiday festivities and have been patiently waiting for the Christmas costumes which NC advertised three weeks ago on Dec 18th. How does something like this happen so often? Why didn’t we get them on Dec 19th? When will we see them available in game? Who is responsible for these issues? Please stop making Kibbelz’s job any harder than it already is.
    2. Rift stones?

      Not sure how many of us share this problem, it seems like we have a rift event without any means to acquire any rift stones to enter and participate in the rift. Support tells me that we can get them either from completing our daily quests or buy them when they randomly appear in secret shops. However that doesn’t seem to be the case... 😢 If you are experiencing this problem, please also submit a ticket so it can be addressed hopefully soon.
    3. Feedback on recent update

      I think many of us were looking forward to the First Time User Experience (FTUE) update as we were expecting optimizations that would benefit new and existing players alike. I am thankful my mobile device is still compatible with the update to appreciate the faster load times and smoother gameplay. Although some of us (including myself) lament the game can no longer be enjoyed on emulators and we may lose significant amount of players, it is still somewhat understandable why the Dev Team would make this decision. However, the number of our fellow players who suddenly can’t log on because their devices are now deemed incompatible overnight sadly is incomprehensible . No prior notice. Nothing. They found out when they tried to update their game. I find this mostly disappointing and apprehensive as it’s hard to justify why there wasn’t sufficient warning and communication informing players about the compatibility issues with the update, and therefore allowing players to take necessary measures to ensure they would still be able to play (should they wish to). As a result of the lack of communication, we now have the following: Players who are enjoying the faster load times if they have compatible devices Players with older devices that cannot login at all and may be scrabbling to get another device Players with older devices and unlinked accounts who are panicking as they would have to start all over on another compatible device. (These players may have spent money on the game too right before the update!) Had this information been conveyed to us in advance, players, at the very least, would have had the option to either acquire new devices earlier and/or securing/linking their accounts knowing they’d not be able to update the game on their existing mobile devices. Is this really too much to ask for?
    4. GM pls help..Account CORRUPTED

      That sounds like a similar account-based issue a fellow guildmate is currently experiencing. After the update, his account has “connectivity” issues that would go away when he logs on to a different account, leading him to believe there may be something wrong with just his account.
    5. Competitive Arena Conduct

      I appreciate that this post is an attempt to clarify a rule in our Rules of Conduct, specifically pertaining to unacceptable arena behavior. While I do not “exploit” the arena system, I think the type of arena behavior mentioned is permitted by a design flaw that should be reviewed by the Dev Team. Like many top arena players, my fellow top rank guildies and I personally find it to be distasteful when we are on the receiving end of persistent point snipers, but we understand unfortunately it comes with the territory of being a ranked arena player as the system allowed for this to happen. It is immensely discouraging to see that the game wants to take a punitive stance against its players, who are playing within the faulty arena framework, for farming points from top players when the game should be really focusing on remedying the underlying problem. Naturally, most systems will have its loopholes and limitations, but if it technically allows any player to so easily sabotage another player’s earnest effort, that’s sounds like a fundamental deficiency in the game’s arena mechanics that requires the Dev Team’s genuine efforts to rectify if not overhaul. I think one of the main flaws in the current arena system has to do with the revenge cycle. Upon a successful revenge, the opponent has another opportunity to win points from the defending player. For example, a low rank player successfully wins a match against Rank 1 in the arena and is awarded 100 points. When Rank 1 looks at the defeat in the defense log, the initial reaction is, “I NEED TO WIN MY POINTS BACK!” only to be sadly reminded by doing so would give the opponent a second chance to win another 100 points. Rank 1 concedes that he would have to forfeit that revenge because he CAN win back 1 point only to lose another 100, which would be counterproductive to guarding his arena rank. There has been vocal players suggesting a zero-sum game for the revenge system, which in theory seems like a great idea to let a top ranked player win back all points lost, however this may have an overall dampening effect deterring lower rank players from challenging a higher rank knowing most likely all the points won will be returned upon a successful revenge.
    6. Agito is recruiting!

      Still recruiting for active members!
    7. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 2 (6/27/19)

      I am pleased the Dev Team is listening and has implemented some changes to the Rift based off of our feedbacks. The rewards now at least commensurate with the time and effort required to participate in Rift and to grow our guild’s Rift army for the next event. 😊 Feedback for current Rift Rift Energy – Thanks giving us more rift energy and faster recharge. Rift Duration – I share the same sentiment as McBro and mentioned in my previous feedback that 24 hours may seem too short or too rushed for some of us. The 24 hour has its own benefits and drawbacks. Benefits -Shorter Rift duration means more opportunities for more frequent rewards assuming your guild is actively clearing the maps. -Some guilds may opt for an easier Rift level just so they can quickly clear the whole map with a few participants, and the 24 hour reset would be attractive to these guilds. Drawback The current rift duration may be challenging if we have guildies in different time zones trying to participate within the short 24 hour Rift window. To illustrate how short 24 hours feels for some of us who are active during the rift event - For example, a rift is opened 8pm EST shortly after your work day has ended. (The other half of your guild is sound asleep.) - Between dinner and bedtime (around 12am?), you are excited you get to do some rift here and there to help out your guild - 12:00 am – Bedtime (Hopefully, while you are sleeping, your fellow guildies in other time zones are starting to work their magic to clear other parts of the rift.) - 8:00 am, 8 hours later, you get up to get ready for your daily routine (work/school/life) - 9am – 5pm, you’re preoccupied with work and life, but maybe you can squeeze in some Rift fun around your lunch time and other breaks - 6:00pm, you finally have some time to do some more Rift, but you only have at most 2 hours more until the Rift resets again! Now consider, how much time would the casual player have for rift?☹ Having 5 rift levels to choose from makes a lot of sense, and we would appreciate if we also had a few duration options for guild leaders to pick from. This would allow guilds to enjoy Rift at their pace. While I personally like the 24 hours for several rifts runs as we can maximize the number of rewards obtained, I would be grateful if an alternative duration were available for when we want to slow down. Please let guilds have more than one option! CO-OP Please give us a real CO-OP where we can actually coordinate skills with at least one other player at the same time. I think having multiple players simultaneously CO-OP on the same boss presents various challenges for the Dev Team, so maybe give us the ability to partner up with just ONE other guildie to CO-OP to coordinate skills. Vigor Essence (heal) and Eustiel’s Grace (revive) -There should be additional methods of obtaining these items other than the current options: 1- gift (from game), 2- cash shop -Maybe you can give us separate rift quests with these items as rewards for successful completion or put these as rewards for defeating relics/seals/sanctuary! Rift- Quality of Life Feedback -50% Damage reflection SP skill on a boss – There seems to be no real visual warning, no grey casting bar for the 2.5 sec spell being cast even when I play half speed. Unless you have the sound effects on and/or focus on looking for the tiny blue shield icon (counterattack reflect skill), you wouldn’t know that suddenly the boss has its reflect buff up. This seems to be why so many players are complaining about reflect cus they have no idea how their team suddenly wiped! Outside Nora and Nasir, it would be nice to see more units equipped with reflect removal skills. Area Effect – Please also have the area effect boss buffs displayed on the same page as our team selection since the are easy to overlook or forget. Counter skills –The bosses don’t always currectly display all the counter (CC/heal) units useful against the boss. For example, Blair has auto confuse removal, but those not familiar with her wouldn’t know that’s she’s useful for that purpose! Please set us up for success. 😊 Bugs – Rift system is glitchy and not always crediting the correct guildies with points for participation. Not sure how a player can have 0 points on a node when it was in solo mode and the game didn’t crash. – The game generally crashes a lot and possibly even more so while in the rift. Considering how scarce resources are at the moment, it doesn’t seem fair players lose stamina for when they’re in the middle of a rift battle and suddenly a patch gets deployed or when the game just randomly crashes. Looking forward to the next rift!
    8. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      Yes, the damage reflection from area effect can be terrifying, but Nasir and Nora work really well to remove the effect especially if you spam your other units skills immediately after theirs. I also wouldn’t recommend dot skills cus if the timing is off, you’d be suffering from reflection from your own dots.
    9. Official Feedback Thread - RIFT ver. 1 (6/13/19)

      My orignal expectation: - Co-op in real time - Benefit of coordinating to be in co-op mode - Work in progress, not perfect Pros: - Various levels of difficulty - Opportunity of obtaining rare heroic items and guild set items - Using and building underutilized or spare units - Sharing a collective goal with the guild Cons/Room for improvement: - 24 hours/rift feels overwhelming - I wish there were an option to select an alternate duration for the rift as several days to a week would be more optimal for more challenging levels and would not require the entire guild to drop everything to just participate in rift. This should be fun and not feel like a chore to most of us! - Huge jump in difficulty from 2 to 3 with mini-bosses being significantly more challenging than B9 guild dungeon with buffs, area effects, and significantly higher HP while players have very limited amount of time and rift energy. Adjusting the difficulty and/or rift duration would alleviate part of this problem. - Co-op failing to be in real time and seemingly no added benefit to coordinate a group to enter co-op areas together. Needless to say, our guild was utterly disappointed to see that there was no point of doing co-ops in a group. Going forward, we hope to see an option for real-time co-op. - Heals and Revives can be only bought in cash store at the moment. These items should be offered either as rewards for clearing certain tiles in the rift and/or available for purchase in secret stores using gems. The universal currency in the game should be gems, but it often doesn’t feel that way. - Heals for fatigue – If each rift were to span over 24 hours, it would make sense for heroes to be fully rejuvenated after a 24 hour rest. - Reward/Rift point system seems skewed and unfair to scouts and lower ranked participants in the guild. It’s difficult to comprehend why the last person to hit the sentinel should get credited with 50% of the rift points when this is mostly a collaborative effort and there may be others who have dealt more damage to the sentinel (or sealed altars).
    10. Aion Galaxy Gamd Launcher comparison to Raid

      QI hope the dev team recognizes that we still have players who love this game and would like it to grow. While EMpusle is doing a good job making her presence felt, she is only one person like Gogha points out in the above post. Please help your game by supporting our content creators!
    11. In game chat!

      It's true, I wish our in game chat/guild system were reliable and functional enough, so there wouldn't a need for discord in the first place. Also, I would love to see an area for guild leaders to post rules or messages intended for the guild in the future.
    12. In game chat!

      That’s pretty normal, probably better for you to check out the community discord if you’re looking for a more reliable chat platform. https://discord.gg/VZN9hvd
    13. 6 star

      Once a hero is synthesized, you cannot reverse the process.
    14. Agito is recruiting!

      Guild Name: Agito Looking for daily players to share revenges and complete guild dungeons! Please apply in game or message "Frostnova" or "frostie" if you are interested. Discord is available. :]
    15. Mez Changes First Look (Feedback Wanted!)

      I would not mind these changes to the game, however as Cantaloupe and Nova correctly points out, these suggested changes should be low priority compared to the changes the player base have been adamantly requesting for in the past few months. Among them include: - MORE ENERGY - Provide more energy available to the players either through secret store or general store in addition to increasing energy cap or reducing energy recharge time. Why would you want new players to stop playing your game to play another game? You can get us to spend money on costumes, confinites, and gems, but not energy. :[ - ARENA - Furvus and Apollo were intended to level the playing ground in the arena for newer players, which most of us WERE able to appreciate. Unfortunately, the recent improvements to Apollo, combined with the lack of functional hard counters, has wreaked havoc in the arena. Now almost every arena team has one if not two of Apollos. Realistically, only a few teams stand a chance against them. With no energy to run dungeons/adventures and low odds of winning in the arena, you are forcing your players to find a new pastime. - STATS – So happy to see we now have individual description of what each stat is supposed to do, yet there is still so much that requires explaining. If stacking accuracy helps land mez and combos, let us know. While some of us have been speculating that is the case, it’s just nothing more than conjecture, which even support cannot validate for us. - SUMMONING RATES - Thank you for sharing the hero summoning pool with us, now all that’s left is to disclose are the percentages. Regardless how abysmal they are, when that information is posted, your players get to make an informed and calculated decision to proceed and assume the odds. Not sharing this information is just deceitful.

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