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    1. [7/31] Developer Update - Events

      Thanks for the feedback Aurium. Our hope is that this format will ensure that rare and powerful go hand in hand. Too often in the past, we've found that the rarest heroes were not particularly strong.
    2. Patch Notes - 1.5 (Minor 2)

      Updates Evelyn has been added to the game! You can find Evelyn in the Codex, or in her exclusive summoning events which will offer each element over the next month! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Tanku's Heroic Fate mentioned the wrong piece of equipment Fixed a problem with Umvera's Fate Quests buffs. Fixed a bug in Arena Rivals that caused info in Apollo's match to display as the wrong level. Fixed a bug when there is no possibility of enhancement / evolution / awakening to display proper error text. Fixed a bug with skill damage not displaying from Raven's Nightmare of Abyss ability. Fixed an issue causing Nightmare of Abyss to not display spell effects. Fixed an issue where PvP tier information caused points to not properly accrue. Corrected an issue where personal Event milestones were not being completed if the player was not in a guild.
    3. Posted on Behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello Commanders! The next major patch is approaching, and as we discussed in our previous developer update, we’ve put extra time and effort into ensuring the quality of the build. This extended process is a new one for us, but we believe that this should result in an immediately improved experience for players. Prior to the patch however, we will be deploying the subject of today’s Developer Update: a New Events structure! We’ll soon be rolling out the beginning of an iterative process to improve our events, and we’d like your feedback along the way! To get things started, we had to lay a foundation to work off of, so we’d like to briefly discuss what that looks like. Until now in Aion: Legions of War, you’ve been encouraged to stockpile equipment, heroes, and more for up to a month before a suitable event came along to utilize your resources for maximum gain. We wanted to shorten this to improve overall gameplay, while also addressing key feedback we’ve heard, such as: Not enough 5-star heroes rewarded through Event Rankings Too difficult to defeat certain veteran players, even for other hardcore vets Certain elements too rare / unattainable on some heroes Starting this Thursday, each week will feature a new Element (Fire, Water, Wood, Light/Dark). For that week, additional rewards can be earned by completing specific tasks related to that element. These will be familiar tasks, such as those you may have seen in the Legion Training Events, but with bonuses available to earn points faster. We also hope to add Ranks/Rewards to PvP in the near future, and give rewards for using heroes of the appropriate Element here as well. Each week, we will host multiple, shortened versions of familiar events like Legion Training, Equipment Overdrive, etc. Point totals for the various milestones have been adjusted, and we will surely want your feedback on how these totals felt, after the first week of events have concluded. Solo/Guild Milestone rewards remain nearly identical across an entire month, but other areas have increased. For example, we’d like to test a heavy increase to the total gems you can acquire in a month via Quests. We’re also going to try distributing the newest 5-star hero to the Top 10 players, instead of the Top 5. This will occur for each elemental variant. For the most dedicated players, we aimed to design a system where you will have many options from which to choose when strategically targeting event leaderboards. If you consider yourself an absolute top player, you may aim to acquire the Light & Dark Shards, as well as the +Talent hero in each of those weeks. Others may decide to pick up less premium, but still powerful versions of the hero in other weeks. Players seeking to rise aggressively in the ranks will have the opportunity to acquire more gems and equipment than before, should they wish. Since these are all drastic changes, we are eager to hear your feedback. However, we’d like to ask that you get hands-on experience with the changes prior to forming/sharing your thoughts with the development team. We value your feedback, and want to make sure you’ve had a chance to experience the full system, or at least the first week of the full Event Cycle. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these changes, and hope you are as excited for them as we are!
    4. Not compatible with new Samsung tablets

      Hi Doctor, Galaxy Tab A should be compatible with the game. If it is a new device, we would recommend a factory reset to ensure that nothing went wrong during the initialization of the device.
    5. Posted on Behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello again Commanders! Happy Holidays! With a new decade just around the corner, we wanted to share a final post to recap the last few months, and share what's coming early next year. Throughout the fall season, our teams worked with great effort to improve the new user experience for Aion. We are committed to the game's long-term success, and improving these components were vital to ensuring that our upcoming efforts to expand the Aion Universe are as effective as possible. In addition, we recently released several major patches which among other things, optimized game performance and revamped the Arena. These patches introduced some unacceptable issues and performance problems for numerous players, and for this, we apologize. Prior to departing for the Holidays, our teams met regularly to determine how to stop such occurrences in the future. Going Forward We have made several decisions. We'd like to share that we will be providing more time and improved resources to our Quality Assurance efforts to more effectively test builds prior to release. We will also be releasing new patch content in a more compartmentalized form. Please know that we are dedicated to ensuring that our future patches are of a high and appreciable quality. New Features and content have once again become a regular part of our day-to-day, and upcoming patches will soon again begin to offer new content and features which our existing players should look forward to. We thank you for your patience while we worked on essential features and upgrades, and we deeply appreciate your tolerance through the last few patches. We look forward to implementing our new processes, and ensuring that our major content patches are a source of excitement among players. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and a happy start to the new decade! Thank you! The Aion: Legions of War Team
    6. Patch Notes - 1.5.1

      Below are the update notes for patch 1.5.1: Additions Raven has joined the battle! Look for him in the Codex, with a exclusive summoning event coming soon. Bugfixes Fixed an issue where hero information was not properly displaying inside of expedition Opponents power ratings will now properly display Fixed a problem which displayed an error when one tried to view Tower of Transcendence Ranking. Fixed an issue which was causing the battle timer to not recharge properly. Arcade arena will now properly distribute rare confine rewards Facebook login pop-up tutorial will now properly complete Fixed an issue with icon displays after a player leaves and enters a guild Enemy rivals in guild dungeon and arena will no longer show as 'level 1' Fixed a load time issue with store assets on Android Target line aggro from enemies will now properly display during combat Fixed several bugs related to skill and tooltip displays for various heroes
    7. Patch Notes - 1.5 (Minor 1)

      Our first 1.5 minor patch brings a few fixes to issues which we were able to quickly address. We have also been working on a major patch we intend to deploy shortly to resolve many of the issues which emerged during 1.5. These notes previously included changes which will be implemented in a future patch. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where players were not rewarded from completing Guild Boss battles Fixed an issue where the client became unresponsive at Nora's skill usage when a player first enters Sky Prison
    8. Patch 1.5 Letter from Devs

      Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello from the Development Team, First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to all of our Commanders who continue to enjoy and love AION Legions of War. It is because of you that we can work on games, and our passions. We wanted to briefly share this letter which is not about features this time around, but about the recent patch and our current activities. Two days ago, we deployed a major patch (Patch 1.5) which included many features we knew players had asked for, but also included many bugs which broke existing features and led to sub-optimal performance across many devices. We wanted to acknowledge that, and let you know we'll be working hard to address these issues. Over the past few months, the Development Team here in Korea has been hard at work to make the gaming experience better and more optimized for all players, current and future. Some examples of how we did that include: Shorter loading times Reduced crash rates Quicker early progression Faster effects times Longer battle times Better quests We know that players on certain devices or operating systems may not feel many of these improvements. The last two major patches implemented these improvements, but also brought performance-impacting bugs. It is our goal to address these so that everyone can fully enjoy the benefits which we have deployed across the game. We offer our deepest apologies that this is not currently the case, and we promise to make your experience better. Recently, we also made other changes such as a major version upgrade for our Unity engine, to ensure the end-result is as ideal as possible during your experiences as we prepare for the road ahead! To perform these changes (and those above), new development on new content and systems was delayed, which we regret. However, we hope that the end result will be more beneficial because of our work on these improvements. Please know that Dev is currently working on the improvement of the game so it can be as stable (and also exciting) as possible, and that our team now continues to re-balance the existing features and design and create new systems. Please stay tuned for our future updates, and many more to come! Best, AL Dev
    9. Can’t log in since today’s update

      Sorry to hear that HappyMage; for most users it was functioning. However, at this point we have deployed a hotfix to patch the bug and you should now be able to get into game without issue. We are aware of several other issues occurring since the major patch and are working to address them.
    10. Can’t log in since today’s update

      Hi there, Sorry that you're having an issue logging on... There was an issue with today's deploy which we are currently attempting to hotfix. Until then, there is a straightforward workaround though that will get you in-game right away. Please see the post I just shared here for details: Sorry about this and we're working hard to set it right!
    11. Update: Hotfix Update

      Update: Early this morning we deployed a hotfix to resolve the issue detailed below, which resulted in a larger-than-normal client update for our users. We intend to address this in an upcoming patch, but for now we are happy to say that the issue has been resolved and players should now be able to enter the game without any obstacles. Hello everyone, There is an issue with today's update which affected existing players, where the download progress bar is not being displayed on the loading screen. There is a short workaround which should get you in-game right away: Upon reaching the blank splash screen where the game appears to "freeze", simply wait enough time for the download to complete (perhaps 5 min depending on download speed) before restarting your game. The download is approximately 150MB. You should then be able to login successfully from then onward. The team is working around the clock to hotfix this issue shortly. Thank you for your understanding and we hope this message is beneficial to those looking to get in and try the new patch.
    12. Patch 1.5 - Notes

      Update: We are aware of an issue with today's update which affected existing players, where the download progress bar is not being displayed on the loading screen. We are currently working on a hotfix to this issue, but until this is deployed we wanted to share a workaround: Once you hit the blank splash screen, simply wait enough time for the download to complete (~150MB) before restarting your game. Thank you for your understanding and we hope this message is beneficial to those looking to get in and try the new patch. Improvements *Introduced the 'Next' Button! This optimizes screens shown in between battles of all modes to allow for more efficient gameplay. Matchmaking and much of the PvP Arena experience has been redesigned. Notable changes include: Players can now skip the Victory celebration in Arena by tapping anywhere during the animation. Players can now proceed directly from one match into another, without going through the menu screen. To improve the overall quality of the Matchmaking experience, players can no longer select from a list of players. Players will be randomly matched against a single player in their skill level. Players will have 5 refreshes per day to match against a new opponent. We may adjust this, or add additional purchasable refreshes according to player feedback. Revenges can no longer "chain" back-and-forth. The top 3 ranked players can no longer be directly targeted by all players. Rift The quantity of Rift Stones needed to enter Rifts have been adjusted downward according to player feedback. A rift of any difficulty can now be entered by completing the daily quests. 2 Marchutan's Keys will now be required to open a level 5 Rift FATE quests New FATE quests have been added for Tanku, Viper, Livius, Scarlet, Jorgen, and Odium Adjusted Charlotte's FATEs to ensure better utilization across all variants. Young Leader has been changed to increase HP by 3% A Wanderer's Best Friends: has been changed to increase Recovery by 5% Equipment will now display the current and maximum quantities in the top corner. Attempting to Blitz will now display a warning if insufficient equipment slots are available Optimized download size for the game Added new anti-cheat measures to the game * Revamped Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards and quest completions. Increased Gem reward count from 8 to 20 for daily, 15 to 50 for weekly, and 30 to 80 for monthly Removed Gearming shards from the rewards Removed quest "swapping" option * These changes were added to the patch notes during a revision. Bug Fixes Fixed Rift co-op functionality, so that damage inflicted by all participants will now correctly register Fixed an issue where side-kicks could deploy before a team member had fallen Fixed an issue where some hero portraits were displaying as black Fixed an issue where Kairos's heroic ring had unintended stats applied to it Fixed ability effect issues for Jorgen and Tanku Fixed a rare issue where Tower of Transcendence rewards were not being distributed Fixed an issue related to iOS 10.0 for Facebook and Google logins Fixed texture issues related to the equipment removal event display Resolved an issue that was presenting some players from entering Classic Arena (Error: LCS0006) Fixed a problem which prevented usage of the Gold Buff Scroll Fixed a problem where Equipment Enhancement stopped upon failure, even if "x10" had been selected Fixed a problem where users were temporarily removed from their guild before rejoining, sometimes causing client freezes if certain options were selected. Intrusions encountered during Continuous Mode can now be properly auto-completed (deployed in a previous minor patch) Resolved numerous issues related to the tutorial experiences for various zones Fixed an issue related to file % display download at the bottom of the screen not updating properly Fixed a crash related to blitzing a 3-star dungeon Fixed an issue where previous season's Tower rank was not displaying for users Fixed a problem where TID displays did not allow users to search previous seasons by level in the guild rank screen The Death Legions Quest Reward will not longer display as the 'Golden Referee' Legion Blitzing shrines will not properly attribute to quest completions Fixed an issue where Radiant Sanctuary could not be blitzed by some users, and presented an error stating the temple "cannot be entered today". Resolved an issue which referenced Odium's ring when armor should have been referenced Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the Arena Defense team to not properly save Fixed an issue where the Fortress was sometimes displaying it's contents as black Fixed an issue where Secret Store discovery notifications were not always displaying Fixed an issue that prevented the appearance of Kairos in battle Fixed an issue which caused lag when navigating to the Equipment, Hero, and Garrison menus A notification to open a Rift will no longer sometimes appear to users when joining a guild Improved several dozen bugs and issues related to the tutorial and story experience
    13. Hello from NCSOFT ^^ We've discussed this in previous Dev Updates, but this system will be changed in our upcoming patch to Arena. We understand that the existing system can be easily exploited by intentionally losing matches, which will no longer be the case in the imminent future.
    14. Congratulations on the cheater's occupation of the game

      Sharing this here from another thread. As a part of our policy, we do not comment on individual investigations. However, please be aware that in unique circumstances, we may lock login permissions for an account during an investigation or take other protective measures for the good of the wider player base. That said, any players whom we have confirmed to be cheating will be permanently banned from Aion: Legions of War, and may also be subjected to permanent closure of accounts across all NCSOFT games.We take cheating very seriously, and appreciate your patience and understanding as each investigation takes place.
    15. Hello McBro, As a part of our policy, we do not comment on individual investigations. However, please be aware that in unique circumstances, we may lock login permissions for an account during an investigation or take other protective measures for the good of the wider player base. That said, any players whom we have confirmed to be cheating will be permanently banned from Aion: Legions of War, and may also be subjected to permanent closure of accounts across all NCSOFT games. We take cheating very seriously, and appreciate your patience and understanding as each investigation takes place.

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