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  • 1. Ren
  • 2. Astria
  • 3. Leona
  • 4. Strondheim
    1. Since the launch of Aion: Legions of War, players from around the world have ventured into Atreia to stand alongside Ren and Astria in the battle against Raven’s Balaurian forces. The fight has been a valiant one, and we’re incredibly lucky to have had you by our side along the way. Today, however, we must share that a difficult business decision has been made to bring Aion: Legions of War to an end. Here is what you can expect moving forward: Today, 4/17, all real money in-app purchases will no longer be available and the game will no longer be able to be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Current players will be able to continue playing until 6/19, at which time the game server will officially shut down. Until the final date, in-game events will be running and we will be providing additional community activities and items for all players to enjoy. We know that you will have both opinions and questions as we move through this process. We are here to engage with you on all of our communication channels, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. As we conclude this journey together, we want to thank our community -- many of whom have been with us from the very beginning-- for their unwavering passion and loyalty. We have sincerely enjoyed our time with you. -The Aion: Legions of War Team
    2. Patch Notes - 1.5.13

      Updates Optimizations to improve and fix Android ANR issues Bug Fixes Fixed a bug which was causing the "refresh opponent" button in Arena to not function as intended
    3. Hello Commanders! With more and more people around the world undergoing social distancing and staying inside, we wanted to acknowledge these challenging times and provide you with some special in-game boosts to help you further enjoy your gaming experience. With that in mind, we are now providing several buffs to all players, such as a 100% increase to XP and Gold earned in Aion: Legions of War. These boosts will become available today, and will continue through until April 9. Be sure to take advantage of these bonuses soon, they won’t be around forever!
    4. Patch Notes -

      Updates Added support for St. Patrick's Holiday Event Added game elements to support additional Phinneas Bug Fixes Changed the damage type of Aethertech bosses from PHY to MAG
    5. Hello Commanders, Thanks for your ongoing support of Aion Legions of War, a game which could not exist without your involvement and appreciation! We have a sobering update to share today, in regards to the ongoing developments of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Due to the magnitude of the outbreak in South Korea, where development of Aion: Legions of War takes place, NCSOFT has taken wide precautionary measures to protect their employees against the virus. As a result, development work on the game is being affected and therefore delayed in some aspects. To account for this, we will be re-running select events in the upcoming weeks. These events will take place throughout mid-March. Regular updates and patches may also see a delay. Any changes beyond the timing of these updates should be minimal. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to ensure the health and safety not only those who work on Aion: Legions of War, but also on our families and communities. Thank you, The Aion: Legions of War Development Team
    6. Patch Notes -

      Updates Changed the attack type of Aethertech heroes from PHY DMG to MAG DMG. Added event support for Phinneas Bug Fixes Corrected an issue where the description for Flames of Judgement of Zellen indicated an incorrect number of enemies
    7. Patch Notes -

      Updates New Heroes' FATE quests have been updated: Furvus, Cassandra, Ophelia, Tartarus, Ishtar Bug Fixes Fixed a movement issue with certain monster in Sky prison Fixed a bug where Jorgen and Syndey's acquisition locations were displayed incorrectly Fixed an issue where the Arena PvP matching list would not update when player left the queue screen too quickly after completing a certain number of matches. Fixed an issue where Rift Energy was being awarded as a guild gifts
    8. Web Comic Chapter 7

      Hey Aurium, Perhaps you understandably missed this due to the climactic ending, but the very conclusion of Episode 6: Empyrean Shield indicated that it was the conclusion of the prelude. If you scroll to the very bottom you'll see this. While other comics may come in time, that was the end of that particular series. Nonetheless, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it so much!! Best, Kibbelz
    9. Patch Notes -

      Updates Removed lower quality Heroic Accessories from Rift reward boxes for higher stages. Bug Fixes Resolved several tutorial-related bugs. Fixed a problem with costume animations when equipping Fixed several tooltip issues for Septimus and for Jorgen Fixed a bug where a player could receive a much larger number of points after defeating an opponent in Diamond 3 rank in Arena PvP.
    10. Patch Notes -

      Updates Reduced loading time and memory usage by optimizing resources used for Sky Prison battles. Added new Event Support tools, and introduced necessary support for our next holiday event! Added hero costume sale support! Bug Fixes Resolved an issue which was causing Arena players to be given repeat opponents, including when 'Refresh Opponent' was utilized. Fixed an issue which caused Heroic Blessing and Fresh Start packages to display incorrectly for some users. Fixed several other isolated text and optimization issues.
    11. Patch Notes -

      Updates Adjusted how Arena Points are awarded to improve the competitive environment. Added a new Synthesis hero: Water Jorgen! Modified rewards for numerous Story Missions. Bug Fixes Optimized memory usage in Arena battles to improve stability Fixed a bug causing additional download windows to appear when entering dungeons Corrected a bug where no Arena points were being distributed after a victory Fixed a visual bug related to Evelyn's wings displaying improperly while in-combat Resolved an issue where story mission completion caused an enhancement window pop-up
    12. [1/20] Developer Update - Events

      Thanks for the feedback Aurium. Our hope is that this format will ensure that rare and powerful go hand in hand. Too often in the past, we've found that the rarest heroes were not particularly strong.
    13. Patch Notes - 1.5 (Minor 2)

      Updates Evelyn has been added to the game! You can find Evelyn in the Codex, or in her exclusive summoning events which will offer each element over the next month! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Tanku's Heroic Fate mentioned the wrong piece of equipment Fixed a problem with Umvera's Fate Quests buffs. Fixed a bug in Arena Rivals that caused info in Apollo's match to display as the wrong level. Fixed a bug when there is no possibility of enhancement / evolution / awakening to display proper error text. Fixed a bug with skill damage not displaying from Raven's Nightmare of Abyss ability. Fixed an issue causing Nightmare of Abyss to not display spell effects. Fixed an issue where PvP tier information caused points to not properly accrue. Corrected an issue where personal Event milestones were not being completed if the player was not in a guild.
    14. Posted on Behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello Commanders! The next major patch is approaching, and as we discussed in our previous developer update, we’ve put extra time and effort into ensuring the quality of the build. This extended process is a new one for us, but we believe that this should result in an immediately improved experience for players. Prior to the patch however, we will be deploying the subject of today’s Developer Update: a New Events structure! We’ll soon be rolling out the beginning of an iterative process to improve our events, and we’d like your feedback along the way! To get things started, we had to lay a foundation to work off of, so we’d like to briefly discuss what that looks like. Until now in Aion: Legions of War, you’ve been encouraged to stockpile equipment, heroes, and more for up to a month before a suitable event came along to utilize your resources for maximum gain. We wanted to shorten this to improve overall gameplay, while also addressing key feedback we’ve heard, such as: Not enough 5-star heroes rewarded through Event Rankings Too difficult to defeat certain veteran players, even for other hardcore vets Certain elements too rare / unattainable on some heroes Starting this Thursday, each week will feature a new Element (Fire, Water, Wood, Light/Dark). For that week, additional rewards can be earned by completing specific tasks related to that element. These will be familiar tasks, such as those you may have seen in the Legion Training Events, but with bonuses available to earn points faster. We also hope to add Ranks/Rewards to PvP in the near future, and give rewards for using heroes of the appropriate Element here as well. Each week, we will host multiple, shortened versions of familiar events like Legion Training, Equipment Overdrive, etc. Point totals for the various milestones have been adjusted, and we will surely want your feedback on how these totals felt, after the first week of events have concluded. Solo/Guild Milestone rewards remain nearly identical across an entire month, but other areas have increased. For example, we’d like to test a heavy increase to the total gems you can acquire in a month via Quests. We’re also going to try distributing the newest 5-star hero to the Top 10 players, instead of the Top 5. This will occur for each elemental variant. For the most dedicated players, we aimed to design a system where you will have many options from which to choose when strategically targeting event leaderboards. If you consider yourself an absolute top player, you may aim to acquire the Light & Dark Shards, as well as the +Talent hero in each of those weeks. Others may decide to pick up less premium, but still powerful versions of the hero in other weeks. Players seeking to rise aggressively in the ranks will have the opportunity to acquire more gems and equipment than before, should they wish. Since these are all drastic changes, we are eager to hear your feedback. However, we’d like to ask that you get hands-on experience with the changes prior to forming/sharing your thoughts with the development team. We value your feedback, and want to make sure you’ve had a chance to experience the full system, or at least the first week of the full Event Cycle. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these changes, and hope you are as excited for them as we are!
    15. Not compatible with new Samsung tablets

      Hi Doctor, Galaxy Tab A should be compatible with the game. If it is a new device, we would recommend a factory reset to ensure that nothing went wrong during the initialization of the device.

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