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    1. Patch Notes - August 14th (1.3.5)

      Patch Notes - August 14th (1.3.5) Improvements Unlocked Fate Quests for six additional heroes: Jahan, Septimus, Argamir, Ash, Lemay, & Regis! Added one new Ordinance: Increase Guard Break Added 2 Guild Buffs for Rift: Increase Divine Power when fighting in Rift; Increase Divine Power Recovery in Rift. PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527
    2. Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello again everyone, Thanks for all the feedback on our last developer update. There was a lot of great information to take in and we took it to heart! We appreciated your thoughts on making events more unique, on shards/seed availability, and other areas where we can improve. For today, we’ll discuss some more immediate upcoming changes and some areas where your feedback has been extremely helpful. We’ve also had designers who work specifically on these features author these sections… so please give them a warm welcome! Aether Hello commanders! This is Scott from the design team. I am aware that many players are having a difficult time upgrading their heroics as they do not have enough Aether, which is required for Heroic Equipment Enhancement. To address this, we are currently planning to make adjustments to Aether acquisition. Our initial plans are to: Significantly increase Aether rewards from Events Increase Rift frequency The first Event to feature the re-scaled Aether rewards will begin next week. With these changes, it’s our belief that players will be able to reasonably acquire enough Aether. We will continue to monitor this area to ensure adequate amounts of Aether, and welcome your feedback as these changes are made. Event Rewards and Hero Bans Hello everyone! This is Hayden, a systems designer from the team. I would like to talk about the new Event format starting this week, as well as Hero Bans in the PvP Arena. Events & Rewards Starting this week, we are combining the Legion Training (Hero Growth) and Treasure Hunt (Adventure Battle) events. We have done this as a first step towards making our events more enjoyable for all players. We are also working on entirely new event types as per your feedback, but are only in the beginning stages. We also heard your feedback regarding the top rewards for the recent Equipment Overdrive event, so we have increased the number of Creation Seeds offered from 1 to 2, and also added back the Skill Imp and Light & Dark Confinite. Other seeds are also offered in increased quantities. After this week’s event concludes, there will be a short 2-day Rift Event. We would appreciate your feedback on all of these event-related changes. Hero Banning Regarding PvP, we recently implemented a Hero Ban feature we’d been working on to improve the Arena. We came up with this solution because only a few similar heroes are used all the time for PvP, and there are many different heroes in Aion: Legions of War. Because we consider each version of a hero to be unique, these bans were limited to specific elements for a hero. We’ve heard your feedback that there will not be much change if we only ban a specific element, and this is something we will seriously consider. Now that we’ve introduced you to the system, we will take into account other factors and ideas (such as banning all elements of a hero). We are working hard to make arena play more fun for everyone, and want you to know that we are doing our best to find and apply more entertaining elements. Every single piece of feedback is valuable to us, so please don’t hesitate to continue sharing it. Blitz FATE Completion Hello, this is Wanny, a system designer on the team. We’ve seen and agree with feedback suggesting Blitz actions should contribute toward FATE completion, since players are spending energy to complete these. Thanks for the feedback in this area, and we hope this is a welcomed change. We would like to implement this immediately, but need to let you know that this particular change will take some time. We’ll let you know when we have a better idea of when you can expect it. Thank you for continuing to offer us your feedback on these and other areas of the game. We sincerely appreciate your passion as we continue to work towards making Aion: Legions of War the best it can be.
    3. Update: Survey Results

      Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Product Team Hello from the Aion Product Team! Last week we concluded our first in-game survey of players in quite some time. We saw an outpouring of feedback from hundreds of our most dedicated players, and were very excited to hear directly from so many of you. We felt it would be best to share many of the survey results with you, so that you understand why we’re looking to make some of the decisions we are. We also believe that this information empowers you to provide more valuable feedback as we move forward. We’ll cover three main areas of the survey: Combat, Resources, and Events. Combat We were quite happy to see that players appreciate in-game combat. Over 75% of responders said combat was ‘Enjoyable’, ‘Challenging’, or both. Less than 10% found combat confusing or ‘too difficult’. That said, it was apparent from the comments section that although players thoroughly enjoy the mechanics of combat, there are many issues around crashing/freezing which we will need to address. This fact was reflected in last week's Developer Update, where we included a section discussing our upcoming prioritization on optimization, which will be a key part of improving this area of the game. Resources Resources were also a point of friction for players. More than any other option, players chose “resource quantity requirements for equipment upgrades” as the thing they disliked most. Given that we recently increased Heroic Drop rates, we very much understand this concern. Aether is now more necessary than it’s ever been before. We have already begun discussing ways to address this concern, and hope to bring potential solutions to an upcoming Developer Update. Events When we asked players for their most desired feature, the most common request (by far) was for new types. In the very same meeting as we saw this, we began some brainstorming! However, because making new events involves many different areas of development, it will take a bit of time until these are ready. We welcome your thoughts on new event types you’d like to see, and we will follow-up as we progress closer to releasing these into the game. We also asked about the event cadence and found that 95% of players participate in ‘most of’ or ‘every’ event. In addition, most players felt events occurred too infrequently, or were indifferent to how often they occur. With that in mind, we’d like to make some adjustments to how events are structured to improve the cadence in a way that we think will feel enjoyable to most players. Final Thoughts While not necessarily more important than other ideas contained in the survey, our results also generally showed that players would love to see PvP improved, and that performance improvements would be highly appreciated. We will take these feedbacks to heart, as well as those mentioned throughout this post, as we work to continue making Aion: Legions of War the best possible mobile hardcore gaming experience. Thanks for your feedback in this survey, and please let us know your thoughts and suggestions in these areas!
    4. We are happy to announce an incoming update to Summonite Shards! Due to their increased rarity, we wanted drops which players obtain from these summoning tools to feel valuable, regardless of their natural-star rating. With this in mind, we will soon be issuing a change which will update any 3-star or 4-star hero which drops from Summonite Shards to fit at least one of the following criteria: Hero is used for synthesis Hero is used for Blitz Hero has a +1 talent over other elemental variants We hope that this is a welcome change. You can expect to see the summoning schedule updates to reflect these changes in the coming week, beginning with the heroes listed below! Fire Myria Gullin Bellakin Umbaca Septimus Jahan Water Furvus Dreadnought Velvet Absalom Centurion Wood Jorgen Argamir Cassius Leo
    5. Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello from the Development Team! We’d like to start by saying how thrilled we were to see so much participation and discussion around last week’s Rift Storm. Despite the bugs that periodically prevented Rift participation, many guilds completed multiple Rifts and lots of valuable rewards were distributed. For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking in your discussions on Discord and the various social platforms, and we wanted to take some time to address concerns that have emerged. We also wanted to gather your input on some new features and changes we’re planning for the game. New Heroes and Shards In our previous producer’s letter, we reviewed the progression of new heroes through the various summoning options. One key duration we’re deciding upon is the time it takes for a hero to move from initial release, to a hero appearing in the Gem Summon pool. We currently intend for this duration to be 3 months, as it feels like a good balance between accessibility and rarity. We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Additionally, we’ve seen a lot of discussion around Seeds (or Universal Shards), and how to acquire them. We are still deciding on the best ways to distribute the three different types of seeds (Seal Seed, Life Seed, and Creation Seed), so for now they will mainly be available through direct purchase. We’re currently considering adding these (and Reforge Stones) more commonly as event rewards, and our hope is that in the long run, these seeds will offer a reliable way to get your most-desired heroes. Rifts As we said earlier, we were thrilled to see such high participation and completion in Rifts during the last week. However, this positivity was tempered to some degree by bugs that made some of you unable to enter certain Rifts. We are already working to address this issue, and hope to have it fixed by the next Rift Storm. One of the most popular discussions we saw around Rifts pertained to Rift scoring, and how to obtain the SS-grade. We want to make this system more clear, and more accessible, so that guilds who have completed an entire Rift are not left confused why they only obtained “S” Grade. We also received feedback about Rift Reward distribution and how to treat “freeloaders”. We are still discussing the best options here, and we welcome your well-considered thoughts and feedback on how to make sure Rift remains accessible to players of all power-levels, while not making the system feel unfair. Events We’ve received much feedback on events over the past months, and honestly, we’ve felt many of the same issues as players ourselves. One of the first things we’d like to address to improve Events is the amount of time between Legion Training and Equipment Overdrive events. We’d like to reduce the amount of time from the current ~6 week gap, so that these and other events (such as Rift Storms) would also be drawn closer together. Our hope is that this is a good first place to start in improving Events, and we welcome your feedback on how this feels as we begin testing it. Because Events are such a core aspect of the game, we also intend to have a dedicated post to gather additional Event feedback. UX Improvements We want to acknowledge that we have heard your feedback about many parts of the Equipment and Hero Advancement UX designs.Our first goals to address this are to make selling equipment easier, and to improve the Hero Advancement UX so that not every hero appears all the time, but rather, when appropriate. We’re also beginning work on an improved design for the Hero Codex, and welcome any suggestions to this area while we are in the beginning stages of the redesign. Optimization An area we have received significant feedback is regarding optimization, and after several internal rounds of discussion, we have chosen to move towards prioritizing this area of the game. We regret and apologize for failing to provide an optimal gaming experience in all of the game’s environments, and will work hard to fix this. Moving forward, optimization is becoming a major priority for our team as we will search for and fix the causes of various performance issues we’re seeing in-game. Hero Bans in PvP Last, but not least on our list is a feature that we just rolled out today! To foster a more dynamic PvP environment, we intend to begin banning specific hero variants each week from PvP (with those heroes changing each time). It is our hope that this will encourage more dynamic play in the Arena, while also rewarding players who possess great hero diversity. Please give us your thoughts and feedback on this! There was a lot to cover this week! We encourage you to leave feedback in the comments below. Please continue having insightful discussions here, on social platforms, or in Discord. We’ll be listening. Thank you!
    6. Patch Notes - July 31st, 2019

      Patch Notes - July 31st New Systems/Features Tartarus, the Gladiator has joined the battle! You can find Tartarus in the upcoming Equipment Overdrive event, followed in one week by his own Special Summoning event. Rotating hero bans are now live in PvP Arena. Improvements The cost of the Heroic Mystery Box has been reduced. Bug Fixes The revenge tab will no longer display the opponent’s hidden hero. Attendance completion will now display the correct cost, beginning at 5 gems per day. Fixed a bug which caused players to be unable to enter Rifts which had been opened by their Guild. Fixed an issue where the boss of Razorclaw B7-10 was not properly displaying Chain ability cast. King of Flames Rift Boss will now correctly show a casting bar for Damage Reflection. Casting time increased from 2.5 to 5 seconds. Taunting the King of Punishment in Rift will now function correctly. PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527
    7. Patch Notes - July 24th, 2019

      Patch Notes - July 24th (1.3.2) Improvements Unlocked Fate Quests for six additional heroes: Centurion, Milla, Asylla, Velvet, William, & Bloodfang! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that holiday coins of Summer Event are dropped. Fixed multiple issues involving equipment enhancements providing incorrect stat boosts and corrected stats for any affected items. Fixed an issue where certain Fates required heroic equipment only available through Rift completions (eg: Leona Heroic changed from Ring to Leg equipment) PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527
    8. KR Localization Added!

      Hello commanders! Exciting news today! After many effort-full hours of translating, testing, and refinement, we have officially released a Korean localization option into Aion: Legions of War! We look forward to seeing players benefit from this new feature, and can't wait to see what new strategies our compatriots from South Korea bring to the table. - NC_Kibbelz
    9. Quality of Life changes

      Thanks tlove! We appreciate the feedback when we're doing things right ~ here's to things continuing in this direction!
    10. Hello from the Aion: Legions of War Development Team! After releasing the new Rift feature last month, we were hard at work listening to your feedback in order to make Rift an even more enjoyable experience. Since then, we’ve also been observing your comment in other areas, and are now preparing to make some changes that we’d like to share. Hero Acquisition Until now, certain heroes had certain elemental variants (often the most powerful), which were not attainable through the regular summoning systems. Instead, these heroes could only be obtained through hero-specific summoning events. A widely referenced example of this is the powerful Water Candor hero, who was available during the Candor Summoning Event, but has been otherwise unattainable. We want powerful heroes to feel rare and special, but we agree with the feedback that powerful variants of more ‘classic’ heroes should be easier to obtain. Therefore, we’ve decided that once a hero has been added to the standard summoning pools, ALL variants of that hero will be included. Future Heroes While examining hero acquisition, we noticed some confusion among players on how new heroes can be obtained. We wanted to take a moment to clearly define the progression which the newest heroes follow once they are released. Below are the ways in which you obtain new heroes, in order: Initial Release: Event Reward (only) Themed Summon Event Summonite Shard Pool Gem Summon/Rare/Elemental Pools This means that after being released, heroes will progressively work their way down this list and become easier to obtain. At the same, you can expect new heroes to follow closely behind and bring a non-stop source of new strategies! Finally, to ensure poor RNG doesn’t get the better of anyone, desired heroes can also be obtained through shards available in various shops, events, and more. Through dedicated efforts, even very recent heroes can be obtained regardless of any luck or lack thereof! Drop Rates Revealed Speaking of luck, we want to give you a clear picture of what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to anything related to chance. With that in mind, drop rates will soon be clearly displayed for each summoning pool within Aion. We hope that this is a welcome change, and plan to roll it out soon alongside one of our major patches! Thank you for all the great feedback and your constant support! We strive to do our best, and encourage you to continue offering your suggestions and inquiries. We hope you enjoy these changes, and look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks again! -The Aion: Legions of War Development Team
    11. Patch Notes - July 17, 2019

      July 17th Patch Notes New Systems/Features EXP Gifting - Players can now request help from their guild-mates to level up their heroes. Guild Gift Rewards - In-app purchases now grant Guild Gifts to that player's guild. Improvements Revamped the Heroic Equipment Enhancement system. Heroic equipment now drops at significantly increased rates in all areas of the game, but Enhancement now consumes multiple heroic items. Duplicate Heroic Equipments are no longer required, until Heroic Equipment levels 11+. Added opponent’s deck information to the Arena Matchmaking list Players can now select which hero’s Divine Skill to be used in Auto Battle mode; each Tactic can have its own selection. “Focus” Tactic improved to include evading area attacks Due to player feedback, we have increased Rift durations from 24 to 48 hours. The difficulty of many Rift 3 bosses has been lowered Bug Fixes Fixed an issue of Fate effects not being applied to newly summoned heroes. Fixed a bug where Rift points were displaying incorrectly in the participation rank list Fixed a bug where some players did not receive Ren’s gear after completing Act 8 Finale Fixed an issue with Triroan’s roots not being displayed properly in Rift Fixed a bug in Rift where some Seal Altars were not properly displaying completion status after being cleared Fixed an issue where Heavenly Relic quantity was not displaying properly in Rift and result screens Corrected a tooltip error for the Sealed Hateful Charger’s ‘Ghost Roar’ skill Fixed an issue where the ‘lock’ mark remained on the fate button after being activated Inferno Shine B7-10, Violent Triroan: Corrected a tooltip description for the skill ‘Unstable Resistance’ Rift, Sealed Nightmarish Triroan and Sealed Deadly Triroan: These bosses will now correctly attack ranged damage dealers first Shrine of the Abyss B7-10, Misery Wing: The ‘Storm’ and ‘Eradicate’ abilities will now properly display their area-of-attack Fixed several crash-related bugs for iOS devices PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=58152

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