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    1. Thanks for all the great feedback Nova. We're discussing and working on solutions to some of these issues (ex: accuracy/evade discussion, inventory count display) and there will be more to come. @badboys#5976 you will not have to wait long at all for the new player update, it's right around the corner! As for the others it will depend on what the team decides upon receiving the player feedbacks.
    2. Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello again Commanders! The team has been hard at work preparing for major future efforts for Aion: Legions of War. Let's talk about how! New User Experience Hello everyone, this is Wanny. We’ve seen a lot of discussions about the recent constraint on developer resources, and wanted to shed some light in this area. Several months ago, we observed that player feedback, data analysis, and our own personal experiences illustrated a need to revamp our First Time User Experience (FTUE). In particular downloads, tutorials, and story all needed major changes to ensure new players felt compelled to continue playing Aion: Legions of War after their first exposure. Consequently, the majority of the team has been hard at work on a major overhaul to this area, which is nearly complete; it includes: Drastically reduced download size which allows players to begin playing faster. Background download features to make early play more seamless. Story mission prologue removal, enabling free play much faster. Restructured cinematics to provide a more concise story message. Improved gameplay flow via faster displays in adventure, account leveling, and story mission initiation/completion. Removal of mandatory tutorials, with options to view them later if desired. Improvements to readability of many instructions and prompts. Other UI changes to improve new player comprehension. Skippable cinematics We understand that our efforts in these areas are not immediately beneficial to all players, but we hope that in the long term, they will ultimately result in a more compelling play experience for everyone as we intend to attract new players into Aion: Legions of War. Sniping and the Arena Hi Commanders, Hayden here. I’d like to briefly discuss the Arena Sniping activity in which players intentionally downgrade their league. While our CS team is addressing the issue in the short-term, we’ve got some long-term solutions in mind which we intend to implement in a future patch. Now that we are nearly done with the FTUE, we also believe the PvP Arena could generally use some improvement. We have been discussing changes to this, the first of which would likely be focused on the User Experience and User Interface, but we’d also like to ask if there are any problems/feedback you’d like to highlight around this area of the game for our awareness. Inventory Space & Equipment Hello Commanders, this is Scott. We’ve been thinking hard about the inventory issue which was brought up and addressed in a previous Developer Update, and have a general solution in mind. As previously mentioned, we didn’t want to just increase inventory size as since it would just fill up again and cause the same issue. Also, as more equipment is obtained there are additional performance costs on the game. Instead, we are thinking of allowing normal and heroic equipment to be regularly dismantled to provide resources with which players can enhance their heroic equipment. We are discussing many ways to help you utilize equipment more effectively, and it’s a major area of focus for us given the feedback we’ve received. So please give us feedback on the idea above, or any other area related to inventory. We appreciate any feedback you offer. Battle Mechanics Hey everyone, Luke here. While much of the team has been hard at work on certain areas of the game, including performance and FTUE revamp, some such as myself are looking into the battle mechanics / tactics of gameplay. 1 Tank who diverts the boss’ attacks and handles taunting/defending 1 Melee hero that blocks enemies’ skills and causes combo statuses 1 Ranged hero that uses linked skills in response to combo statuses 1 Healer responsible for resurrection and recovery. As you can see, this structure is very similar to what MMORPG’s use in their team compositions, except with Aion: Legions of War we’d like to make this entire composition enjoyable in a single-player mobile experience. In the next Developer update, I’ll go through each of the tactics which are relevant during battle. Let me know if there is anything which you’d like to know before then! We are always open to you, and your thoughts/questions. Thank you very much!
    3. Snow fell from the sky as Little Koyuki scurried into a bed of leaves… She was playing hide and seek with other children again, high in the harvest hued sunset among the mountains, tucked away in her favorite secret place. Nobody ever found her here, and indeed this time they would fail as well. But on this fateful evening, Koyuki was fortunate to have fallen asleep. For when she awoke and began heading home, it was not the smell of freshly baked breads which the winds carried to her nose, but something unfamiliar. As she crested the hilltop before her town, an uncanny silence greeted her, as well as a sight her young mind could not comprehend. Red streaks painted the town as if it had been dressed for a festival, and people laid about, unmoving, amidst its wide snow-covered roads. Koyuki ran to them, seeing her father and mother, friends and family, but none of them would respond to her cries. None of them would wake up! Sobbing, cold, and terribly afraid, Koyuki mourned herself into exhaustion atop the slain bodies of her parents. Hours later, Koyuki awoke to a warm, damp touch of heat. As she opened her eyes, bleary with dried and frozen tears, a massive furred dog-like creature stood beside her. It began to slowly move away, glancing back as if urging her to follow. And so, with no other living being in sight, she did just that. And so the Guardian Wolf Spirit ‘Shiroi’ became bonded to Koyuki. Nobody knows why he came to Koyuki’s aid, but it now seems content to serve and protect this lost child from a forgotten snow-dressed village. Description Koyuki is a powerful sustained damage dealer with two utility-based abilities. Thanks to her ability to mark her targets, and reliably increase damage dealt via her Chilling Strike ability, she is a powerful addition to any team’s damage roster with some added bonuses. The first of these is a straight-forward damage reflect removal, which is a necessary utility for certain fights one might expect to encounter. Second, and perhaps more importantly, her Divine Skill ‘Wolf Spirit Shiroi’ can have devastating battlefield effects if it makes contact with several opponents as it applies Freeze, which causes opponents to take increased damage while stopping SP reduction and all actions. Hero Abilities Basic Attack: Intricate Arrow Koyuki’s basic attack has a chance to mark her target, increasing PHY damage taken by 10% per stack with a maximum of 3 stacks. Base Damage: 120% MAG DMG Cooldown: 2.5s Range: 10m ___________ Special Ability: Chilling Strike Strikes opponents within a 5m circle for heavy damage and activates Shiroi’s Rage, increasing critical damage by 40% for 20 seconds. May be cast when an enemy appears by certain elements. Base Damage: 2300 - 2700% PHY damage Cooldown: N/A, 100% SP Range: 5m Circle Elements: Water/Light/Dark autocasts when an enemy appears via 'Hunter's Instinct' ___________ Link Ability: Focused Arrow When an enemy is inflicted with stun, knockdown, or airborne, Koyuki may attack for heavy PHY damage. Base Damage: 1600 - 1700% PHY damage Cooldown: 3s Range: Unlimited ___________ Link Ability: Primal Instinct Koyuki strikes at a single opponent with ‘damage reflect’ for medium PHY damage, removing the ‘damage reflect’ effect. Base Effect: 520% PHY damage Cooldown: 35s Range: Unlimited ___________ Divine Skill Ability: Wolf Spirit Shiroi Koyuki’s Guardian Spirit ‘Shiroi’ attacks, dealing massive damage to all opponents. At higher skill levels, the Freeze effect is added, which stops SP recovery, increases damage taken, and blocks all actions for 16 seconds. Defense is ignored during Shiroi’s Rage. Base Effect: 5000 - 6400% PHY damage Cooldown: N/A Range: 8x20’ Area of Effect around Koyuki ___________ Look forward to acquiring Koyuki as she has joined the battlefield through an exclusive Summoning Event to herald her entry! Until next time Commanders!
    4. Competitive Arena Conduct

      Thank you for the very constructive feedback and attitude Frostnova. We will ensure that these details, and the fact that they have elsewhere received wide support for numerous players, are brought to the awareness of the development team.
    5. Competitive Arena Conduct

      Greetings Commanders! It has recently come to our attention that there have been players exhibiting inappropriate behavior within the competitive ‘Challenge’ section of the Arena, where player-vs-player battles take place. Specifically, we have observed accounts intentionally lowering their Arena ranking specifically to undermine the ability of other players to compete within the arena. While we understand that in some cases, it can be strategic to temporarily lower ones’ rank, doing so for the purpose of lowering another player’s rank is not acceptable.* The Aion: Legions of War Rules of Conduct states players must “respect the rights of others... to play and enjoy the game”. Therein, this behavior will not be tolerated, and we will take action against accounts which we find engaging in any behaviors which violate the Aion Rules of Conduct. To players who may have been unaware of the consequences of their actions, we are issuing this statement to provide fair warning, and to make clear what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior within Aion: Legions of War. Any accounts which engage in matchfixing, or other flagrant unsportsmanlike behavior which undermines others' ability to enjoy the game will be subject to punitive measures, up to and including the permanent closure of their account(s). *We have edited the contents of paragraph 2 based upon feedback to provide a clearer description of the behavior in question.
    6. Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Blitz Equipment & Inventory Hello Commanders, this is Hayden. This week we saw great feedback around equipment acquisition in Blitz. Currently, in Adventure mode the game notifies you if you attempt to depart on an adventure with a full inventory. However, in Blitz, this mechanism is not fulfilling this role, which we would like to change. After internal discussion, we are thinking to add a dialogue indicating that “inventory is too full, items will not be acquired” if Blitzing would cause your inventory to become full. Please share your feedback, as we will also review whether there are other solutions available as we begin investigating a fix to this area. Advanced Heroic Equipment Boxes Hello Commanders, this is Scott. Thanks for your feedback around Advanced Heroic boxes. The development team is considering reducing or eliminating the chance of obtaining 2-star hero equipment from higher reward boxes. We will let you know when this can be applied as soon as possible, and welcome your feedback until then! Hero Corridor Shard Rotation Hello, this is Hayden again! We saw some requests to add greater variety and/or rotation to 4-star heroes appearing in Hero Corridor. If there is enough interest in this area, this is definitely something we can implement in the future. We are also currently looking to add more 3-4 star heroes into the game in the near future, and can update the corridors with this. Please share your feedback! Feedback Request: Tactics Feature Hello everyone, this is Luke. We have internally been discussing making improvements to the Tactic Feature (where you select ‘All-out Attack’, ‘Try to Survive’, ‘Focus’) and would like to ask for your feedback on this feature. Some example questions include: Do you use this system often? Why yes, or no? Are there any inconveniences? Any suggestions or recommendations? These are just examples, feel free to share any thoughts you feel will help us make this game as great as possible! Thanks!
    7. Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Hello Commanders! It was a very exciting week for many of us with the release of Ishtar, followed soon after by a Thanksgiving Holiday for us here in Korea. Yesterday, we released a behind-the-scenes video which we made ourselves for you, and which we hope you enjoyed! We also prepared some answers to popular questions and concerns we saw from players in another Developer Update, so let’s jump in. Evade % Question Hello everyone, this is Judy from the design team. We’ve been seeing questions about Evade % dropping as a hero levels up, and players were understandably confused. Allow me to explain how this function works. As you level up, your Evade competency never decreases. However, the “Evade %” value is calculated in a way which assumes you are facing an opponent of the same level as that hero. When facing opponents at higher levels, it becomes more difficult to evade their attacks than if you and the opponent were at a lower level. This is why you see the “Evade %” value decrease when you level up, because it always displays this value as if you were facing an equally-leveled opponent. This means that, in general, evading is more difficult when you and your opponent reach higher levels, requiring more total evasion for the same outcome. I’d like to apologize for the confusion around this issue, and I’ll do my best to find ways to deliver stat panel info in a way that is as clear as possible in the future. I hope that in the meantime, this explanation is of help! Thank you. Heroic Equipment Upgrade Hello commanders, this is Scott again from the design team! With the changes in the heroic equipment enhancement, we’ve seen many players asking us about the probabilities in levelling their heroic gear (in particular, levels 1-5 enhancement), and there seems to be some concern in this area. We wanted to take your concerns seriously, so this past week our team did a data verification test to ensure this system was operating as intended. We investigated any possible structural changes to the probabilities, and also verified applied data results to confirm that the Heroic Equipment Enhancement system is operating as intended, and that the likelihood of success is consistently 20% at level 1-5 as we intend (w/ Gems increasing likelihood to 100%). Still, we are aware that players are experiencing what feels to be undesirably low chances of success here, and so we’re working to come up with ways to provide you with a better experience. I’ll be glad to share more details later on, and in the meantime, we welcome your feedback and opinions so they can guide our design decisions going forward. Thank you! PvP Bans in Detail Within the next week, we will be rolling out our first changes to the PvP ban system based upon your feedback. Although much of the feedback we received was to ban ‘all elements’, we would like to try some other ideas in addition to this. We have three basic approaches, in addition to some others we can talk about soon: Ban All Elements for 2 heroes Ban Fire/Water/Wood for 3 Heroes + 1 Top Hero Ban Light/Dark/+Talent for 3 Heroes + 1 Top Hero Because we are limited to 10 total heroes, we thought these approaches could present interesting decisions. For example, Apollo is much less viable when his Fire, Dark, and Light versions have been removed and may fall to the wayside completely, and would allow us to ban targeted “Top Heroes” such as Light Leah, who is perhaps over-utilized by players who possess her. We will also try the “all elements” version which was suggested by the community. We would sincerely appreciate your feedback on all of these options as we begin to work towards making the Arena a much more appreciable area of the game. Inventory Space We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that we have heard your feedback regarding inventory issues, and are working to come up with solutions. We believe that better solutions may be available here, rather than just increasing inventory size which may be a lackluster solution which introduces additional management and performance issues. We value your detailed feedback in this area to help guide our decision making. Thank you, as always, for your passion for Aion: Legions of War. We look forward to continuing to make the game the best it can possibly be!
    8. Dragons… Powerful, enigmatic, and intimidating; the humans of Aion stood no chance against these ambitious reptilian overlords. Not on their own, at least. Ishtar, an ancient spirit of nobility stood against the dragons for the sake of humanity. His faith in them, forever unwavering, was matched only by the Dragons resolve to undermine his all-too-competent protection of the feeble soil-bound mammals. After immeasurable time and effort, the Dragon’s efforts proved too much for Ishtar, as he eventually succumbed to their scheming. Ishtar became the Dragon’s prisoner, and was tortured beyond comprehension. Beyond even a Spirit of Nobility could endure. When catastrophe eventually befell the Dragons and granted Ishtar his freedom… he was no longer the same. The new world he emerged into held humans who feared him, and showed no appreciation for his past services. Bitter, tortured, and forgotten, Ishtar determined that their lack of remembrance would be their demise. And so, this Spirit of Vengeance was born. Description Ishtar is an incredibly powerful single-target sorcerer who trades health for SP, and gains drastically increased attack power as the battle continues. His increasing attack power causes him to pair well with defensive compositions that can lend him additional survivability as he gains his additional strength. In addition, players who possess heroes with multiple Airborne, Knockdown, or Stun effects will find Ishtar’s damage output to increase substantially when paired with such heroes; his short cooldown on ‘Surging Rage’ will enable him to continuously output waves of devastation once he has reached his 5-stack maximum for the ‘Shape of Rage’ ability. Hero Abilities Basic Ability: Elemental Vortex Ishtar’s basic attack unleashes a beam of raw magical damage, injuring an opponent within its path. Base Damage: 170% MAG DMG Cooldown: 3.5s Range: 10m Skill-up: +1 DMG, -CD ___________ Special Ability: The Shape of Rage Ishtar drains his SP to blast a single opponent with devastating magical damage, absorbing 50% of the damage dealt as HP and increasing his attack by 50% for the remainder of the battle. SP regeneration rate is reduced by 10%. Base Damage: 870% - 1200% MAG Damage Cooldown: N/A, 100% SP Elements: Water/Light/Dark deal additional damage vs. bosses Skill-up: +DMG/Boss DMG, adds 'Cannot be Blocked' ___________ Counter Ability: Perfect Balance Upon cooldown, Ishtar consumes 50% of his current HP to regenerate additional SP. The amount of SP regenerated increases substantially according to skill level. Base Effect: SP +20 - 30% Cooldown: 20 seconds Skill-up: +SP Recovery, -HP Consumption ___________ Link Ability: Surging Rage Upon enemy Stun, Knockdown, or Airborne, Ishtar targets that opponent with a wave of raw power which deals 1300% MAG Damage, which increases per level. Base Effect: 1300% MAG DMG Cooldown: 3 seconds Range: Unlimited Skill-up: DMG+, adds 'Remove all Special Buffs' ___________ Divine Skill Ability: Final Judgement Ishtar consumes all Divine Power to fire a barrage of Magical waves which rain down on all opponents standing before him dealing immense magical damage. Base Effect: 6200 - 7600% MAG DMG Cooldown: N/A Range: 5m 180 degrees, however the final strike hits all opponents. Skill-up: DMG+ vs Bosses, adds 'Cannot be Blocked' ___________ Look forward to soon acquiring Ishtar as he joins the battlefield through an exclusive Summoning Event to herald his entry! Until next time Commanders!
    9. Patch Notes - August 28th (1.3.8)

      Improvements FATE Quests added for six new heroes: Cassius, Drake, Dreadnought, Blair, Sydney, Myria Bug Fixes Resolved an issue which caused a player to be defeated if their Tartarus revived two times in Arena Fixed Milla’s Vital Strike tooltip to correctly display that the ability “cannot be blocked” instead of incorrectly showing the ability as “unavoidable” PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527
    10. Patch Notes - August 28th (1.3.7)

      Patch Notes - August 28th Improvements Tartarus and a new, upcoming hero have been added to the Summonite rotation! Bug Fixes Resolved several issues causing client crashing for Android devices Resolved a crash related to daily quest notification Fixed a Fortress UI bug caused by hero evolution of materials which had been on expedition Please Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527
    11. Posted on behalf of the Aion: Legions of War Development Team Greetings commanders, We have a good bit to talk about this week, and hopefully much of it is welcome news, so let’s get to it! Rates Reveal This week, we were happy to be able to publish the Summoning Rates on our official forums, as we know this was an area of much player discussion. If you are seeking to locate them from within the client, for the time being you can find them through our “Community” tab, in the bottom-left hand corner. Arena Update In a past Developer Update, we agreed to explore changes to make the Hero Ban mechanic more interesting. Over the past few weeks, this has become a major discussion topic within our team, as we’ve discussed ways to make the PvP Ban mechanic more interesting. While banning all elemental variants of a hero is one option, we also have been considering other ways to make Hero Banning as effective as possible in making the Arena fun and compelling. We’ll have more to share on this soon, so expect a detailed update in our next developer message. We also wanted to share that we've become aware of a bug causing players to lose matches they would have otherwise won. We have begun investigating the cause of this bug and hope to have a fix implemented or at a minimum more to share on it soon. Thank you for your patience. Heroic Equipment FATE Quests In a recent patch, we made a change to move Heroic Equipment FATE quests off of hard-to-obtain Heroic Accessories obtained in Rift, and onto more easily obtained regular Heroic Equipments. An unintended consequence of this change was that players who already possessed the requisite item were not rewarded for completing the quest. Due to how equipment progress is tracked within Aion: Legions of War, a simple resolution is not possible. We have a few responses we’re considering, and which we would appreciate your feedback on: Change the quest to require users to “equip” the gear This will require players to unequip and re-equip the Heroic item Make no changes, as the issue does not affect future players or equipment Change the quest type to something else entirely We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused players, and wanted to bring all the solutions we’ve considered before you. Please let us know which of these you’d prefer, and we will implement it as soon as we are able. Event Coins Every month, Aion: Legions of War hosts a new Seasonal Event accompanied by unique drops in the form of coins. Recently, we encountered an issue which caused these coins to continue dropping despite executing the regular steps to remove them. We took some time to identify the cause of this issue, and are now confident we have found a fix which we should be able to implement early in September. Currently, the shops will close on September 5. Our current plan is to briefly re-open them once more until the fix is deployed. Thank you for your patience in this area, and we apologize for any confusion this bug may have caused. Immortality Counters Hey everyone, this is Luke from the Hero Design team. Thank you for all the feedback around Apollo and the ‘immortality’ buff. Despite making changes to address this issue in the past, we believe additional changes are necessary to bring the immortal mechanic in-line with other powerful PvP skills. In a previous patch, we enhanced immortal counter-play via changes to Lemay and Asylla. However, these changes were not as effective as we had hoped, as players chose compositions to eliminate these heroes before they could use counter ‘immortality’. After careful consideration, we have chosen straightforward changes to bring Apollo and the ‘immortal’ mechanic in-line: Anti-Immortal abilities will now target ‘All’ opponents, rather than just one The few anti-Immortal abilities in the game will have a ‘cast upon death’ mechanic added Please give us your feedback on each of these two changes so that we can prepare to implement them ASAP. As always, we appreciate any and all of your feedback as we work to make Aion: Legions of War the best it can be. Thank you!
    12. First, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the feedback everyone has offered. It's greatly appreciated. The dev team and I meet regularly to review comments here and from our other platforms to help shape the game's future. I wanted to address Abysmal#6069's question: Currently, our ban structure rotates one new hero per week, leaving two heroes the same in two consecutive weeks. We've already received feedback in this area however, and are excited to share some new plans based on that feedback in one of our upcoming Developer Updates.
    13. Patch Notes - August 22nd

      Patch Notes - August 22nd Improvements Reworked the abilities of several Rift bosses including Deadly Return Triroan Relic Repository's Praedo Immortal Sanctuary's Lemay and Furvus Added Myria and Adriel to Gem Summon Pool Added Tartarus to the Summonite Shard Pool Bug Fixes Corrected an issue affecting Tartarus's Heroic accessory stat and set bonus. Fixed an issue preventing users from removing "Murderous Shield" from Krom in Rift. Fixed an issue that prevented users from removing Neutralization during the Ogma battle in Rift. PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527
    14. Patch Notes - August 14th (1.3.5)

      Patch Notes - August 14th (1.3.5) Improvements Unlocked Fate Quests for six additional heroes: Jahan, Septimus, Argamir, Ash, Lemay, & Regis! Added one new Ordinance: Increase Guard Break Added 2 Guild Buffs for Rift: Increase Divine Power when fighting in Rift; Increase Divine Power Recovery in Rift. PLEASE Submit Any Issues/Bugs You Encounter As Part Of This Update Here: https://support.aionlegionsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=581527

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