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  • 3. Odium
  • 4. Viper
    1. Why are there no new servers.??

      This game had garbage management with global launch. Sucks it didnt get better. It had much potential. Figured id reinstall and see whats up x_x
    2. Improvements

      So here are some improvements that I feel could be made to the game, it feels like everything is in limbo and nothing is happening. Hoping this will create more of a constructive conversation and give some ideas from a "hardcore" players perspective. Communication: Start a weekly/bi-weekly post with an update on what you are working on, or thoughts on the game and it's progress. That little bit of communication could go a long way with players and help to prevent it from feeling like it is dying. Event rewards: The rewards are very weak for anyone who is not in a top guild. For the equipment, do something like guaranteed gold for the top 3 guilds, blue through gold quality for 4 to 10, and green through gold for the rest of the guilds. Secret Shop and energy: Keep the current energy deals, first 5 in a day gives 10 gems for 60 energy then add a 20% chance that all future shops throughout the day will have an extra 10 for 60 or a 10% chance that there will be a 20 for 80-100 deal. You can play with the appearance percentages and energy amounts but keep it at a good value. This will encourage players to maintain an active friend list and keep themselves active within the game knowing that they could get a good deal from the secret shops for energy. The secret shop equipment chests: Remove all the more common farm-able equipment types, and leave the unfarm-able chests with sets like poise. Either lower the cost of the chests to 800 gems and leave the contents as they are, or leave the price at 1200 gems and guarantee that they will contain all gold equipment. The reason I think this change would work is that even though you get gold gear, the sub stats on that gear is random and could still be complete trash. You would still be able to benefit from the matching stats enough to make it a worthwhile purchase and so that you don't end up with extremely expensive blue junk. With the game in it's current state it is pretty much impossible to attain gold gear with sets like poise without paying for it. Rare equipment sets: Consider giving us a way to farm for sets like poise if you don't want to change the equipment box sale chests within the secret shop. Even if you do make secret shop changes to the chests to allow for all gold, it will still be tempting for the p2p players to skip some of the grind and operate as more of a pay for convenience rather than straight up pay to win that we currently have regarding some of the best sets like poise. Tower Difficulty: Give us a more challenging tower. Currently you can beat the entire thing with well under 200k power as long as you have the hero skill coverage needed for the specific fights. Make a hard tower that isn't easy even with the right hero skill coverage and that requires some of the strictest gear requirements to complete in the game. Tower Rewards: As they are, they are very weak. You get a few 3-5 star summons(Weak), very few gems(Weak), one skill imp(That is perfect imo), and 10 legendary shards(Weak). Buff the rewards for the gems, maybe 150 total summonite shards, and give a full legendary summon(Nat5 summon rates on those are low enough to be fine). Better rewards would give more excitement towards finishing the tower. Transcendance has been teased and sounds like you will be able to fuse dupe nat 5's into each other so a slightly increased shot at summoning them through a little more legendary summons wouldn't hurt by the time that comes around. Events: Give more of a variety of events. Look at your competition for ideas. Even some of the more simple ones where you collect rewards for activity based points can be enjoyable and rewarding. Promote your game more. Get popular youtubers from similar gacha games to play and stream AFTER fixes have been made. There could always be some more newer content idea but we can save that for a future post, as this is more for quality of life. These changes could satisfy your more casual and hardcore players at the same time. I'm here for the long haul as long as you all keep working to do your part and make this a successful game, it has a lot of potential and I really enjoy it for the most part.
    3. How your update to secret shop is impacting to game

      You dont need a graph to state the obvious. The quicker fix is more likely to increase the energy shop offers again rather than to decrease energy costs for dungeons and not leave us f***ed for most the day. I'm already not logging in the majority of the day because I use my few hundred energy in an hour easily. I could spend my 520 gems on energy at the current prices and play for a few hkurs but that's not worth it considering I'm done buying the gold package in its current state. The hundreds I've dropped on this game used to have value. That's no longer the case. 👎 It's a shame because this had potential.
    4. Change to Secret Shop Offers

      That was always the case. Only new players could play 24 hours straight without spending. The difference is your free gem achievements must be getting less often.
    5. How your update to secret shop is impacting to game

      $100 is about 4 days worth of energy.. if used on energy sparingly. That is ridiculously overpriced. Your argument would be valid if this was another game with different features. It isn't though.
    6. How your update to secret shop is impacting to game

      Free energy, that's funny. Many of us use a couple thousand energy a day easily, or used to anyways. We had to spend money to keep playing, but it felt like it was worth the cost. I can't even use my purchased boosters because I don't have the energy for them and people play MUCH less so there's not nearly as many corridors. It would help to talk about this if you actually knew anything about it. The change would be fine if they balanced out or cut the energy requirements in half for the dungeons but they didn't do anything but prevent us from playing without spending more money than we already did.
    7. How your update to secret shop is impacting to game

      So you basically are agreeing. You could have just said that.
    8. How your update to secret shop is impacting to game

      People want to play the game and progress not just do arena 5 times an hour. Useless comment is useless.
    9. Furvus event, disappointing

      Not really sure how it wasn't clear lol.. But dont worry im sure there will be more events with step up most likely. If the game lasts long enough anyways. Just had to delete ten people from my friends list thanks to the amount quitting from the energy change.
    10. How your update to secret shop is impacting to game

      Yeah this needs fixed. Hardly corridors either my gold scrolls I paid for are going go be wasted.
    11. Change to Secret Shop Offers

      This is a moronic move limiting out ability to keep playing. We went from not being to play to barely being able to play. This needs addressed fast. RIP blitz and continuous battle.
    12. Secret Shop Change

      This is a terrible update. You are severely limiting the ability to keep playing. That's enough energy to just blitz and be done playing within minutes of buying the energy. The only people this could be fine for are the free to play and extremely casual player base. I cannot recommend this game to anybody with this much incompetence with managing the balancing of the game. Your more dedicated player base is going to get bored and quit playing. There is already a low amount of players as it is, since you didn't even manage to keep many players from before the global release. One of the reasons why the 10 gem/60 energy secret shop offer works is because of your continuous battle feature. It also offsets the ridiculously high cost of running the things we do, like B10 dungeons for 8 energy and the hundreds of energy needed for blitzing. We can beat these dungeons in just a minute and It blows through energy like crazy. It was hard enough to acquire and upgrade heroic equipment as it was with the old secret shop energy offers. It would take a long time to make the gear +15 then, and it's going to take so much longer than that already with this change. Not only can we not trust your judgement for the "future deals" for energy from the secret shops, but it cannot wait either. The game may not be around long enough due to player base quitting as a result of ridiculous changes like this. In it's current state this is a 2 star game at it's best. Do you really want to kill your chances of this being a successful mobile game that badly?
    13. Drop Rate Table

      I'm still waiting on wood kaiman, wood talos, and water cassius. It's like they don't exist lol
    14. Commander’s emblem

      Yeah i've got over 50 silver and 0 bronze. lol
    15. Question about enchanting

      I'm actually curious about this as well

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